Start Running a Paperless Office

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You can create a paperless small business just by listening to this podcast. You don't need a special digital filing system to have a paperless office solution, Meaghan Likes joins the NiceJob Podcast to explain her simple strategy to declutter paperwork, have effective document management and have instant access to the files every entrepreneur needs.


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Questions answered

  1. How to start running a paperless office?
  2. What’s the process to go paperless in a small business?
  3. What are the easiest documents to digitize?
  4. How to digitize your documents?
  5. How to automate employee files?

“I'm still a hoarder of information. I still have, you know, all of that data, it's just digitized. So if you're sitting there like, Well, that sounds nice. But how would I start? You start today, like just start now and move forward.”

Key takeaways

  • The easiest things to digitize
  • What documents are you producing and can you trim anything down
  • Going paperless means you can work more flexibly
  • Create a system with a clear start to finish process

Today's guest

Meaghan is a small business CHAMPION. She has been helping self-employed folks with their small business accounting since 2003. Her passion is empowering entrepreneurs to know & GROW their business' numbers.


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