6 Influencers With Awesome Landscaping Marketing Ideas

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Top Landscaping Marketing Influencers to Help You Dominate Your Region


Scaling a landscaping company is no easy task.


Clients have lots of options. In the U.S., there are 500,000 landscaping businesses.

How are you going to set yourself apart with so many competitors who have the same skills and equipment as you?


To be the go-to landscaping company in your area, you have to build a strong brand and increase referral revenue with reputation marketing.


Landscapers must deliver exceptional customer experiences to turn clients into fans of your company to succeed.


Here, we’ll introduce you to six landscaping influencers who can help you develop marketing strategies for your landscaping business.


This way you can leverage your brand and reputation (just like they have) and grow into the go-to landscaping company in your area.


6 Landscaping Influencers to Help You Create a Landscaping Marketing Plan


  1. Jason Creel, Lawn Care Life

  2. Brian Fullerton, Brian’s Lawn Maintenance

  3. Stanley “Dirt Monkey” Genadek, Landscape Disruptors

  4. Keith Kalfas, Kalfas Professional Services

  5. Phil Sarros, Steel Toe University

  6. Naylor Taliaferro, LCR Media

Jason Creel, Lawn Care Life


Jason Creel has built and sold two lawn businesses and is already scaling his third one.


He is also a prominent business coach and marketing influencer for landscaping companies with his project Lawn Care Life.


Lawn Care Life features exclusive tutorial videos, landscaping marketing ideas and in-depth consulting to build a landscaping business.


Plus, Jason runs a popular YouTube channel with over 70,000 subscribers to equip business owners for success in lawn care and landscaping.


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Jason Creel, Lawn Care Life

“If you go to a restaurant, you’ll notice that they rarely sell $3 cheeseburgers and $50 prime ribs in the same place. Understand what your market is and go after that market.”

Brian Fullerton, Brian’s Lawn Maintenance


Brian Fullerton started a lawn care & landscaping business over ten years ago after leaving a dead-end job at a fertilizing company.


He built a local business from the ground up and has also since become a recognizable marketing influencer in the landscaping industry.


His YouTube channel, Brian’s Lawn Maintenance, boasts over 110,000 subscribers. In his videos, he reviews landscaping equipment, shares lawn care tips & ideas and offers business advice.


He also founded Lawntrepreneur Academy to offer business coaching & resources and the podcast Fullerton Unfiltered “for those determined to take their business to the next level.”


Brian Fullerton, Brian's Lawn Maintenance

“If you’re not evaluating your business, adopting technology and establishing new habits, then you’re going to be left in the dust by the company that embraces technology and mobilizes faster than you.”

Stanley “Dirt Monkey” Genadek, Landscape Disruptors


One of the original landscaping influencers, Stanley Genadek, known as the “Dirt Monkey,” first found success with his company Genadek Landscaping & Excavation.


He made a name for himself with his podcast Dirt Monkey University (later handed over to Phil Sarros, as you’ll read below), giving landscaping business advice.


He now has a new podcast called Landscape Disruptors where he “shares advice related to helping landscapers build successful and well-planned businesses.”


He also has a "Dirt Monkey Landscaping" YouTube channel with over 500,000 subscribers. He tests equipment and tells landscaping-entrepreneurship stories.


Stanley "Dirt Monkey" Genadek, Landscape Disruptors

“Don’t cut corners to save costs. When you cut corners, you’re digging into your reputation. Word-of-mouth is the cheapest and most effective marketing strategy. When you provide a great service, your marketing will spread naturally.”

Keith Kalfas, Kalfas Professional Services


Keith Kalfas is a titan in the landscaping industry. His company Kalfas Professional Services provides coaching and marketing strategies for landscaping businesses.


He’s authored many books like How to Start a Landscaping Business Right Now and Your First Year in the Landscaping Business. So he has lots of clout in the landscaping world.


From his YouTube channel The Landscaping Employee Trap with 90,000+ subscribers to his podcast The Untrapped Podcast With Keith Kalfas—he has his feet wet across the internet.


Keith Kalfas, Kalfas Professional Services

“It’s not the customer’s concern if you go home and live in a cardboard box. They want their stuff done, they want it done right, they want it done beautifully, they want it done in a timely manner and they expect great communication.”

Phil Sarros, Steel Toe University


Phil Sarros has 20+ years of landscaping experience and is a regular contributor to Lawn & Landscape magazine. So he was a natural successor to the Dirt Monkey University podcast.


Rebranding it as the Steel Toe University podcast, Phil has taken Dirt Monkey to new heights with the help of Kali Taylor, herself the owner of a successful lawn care business


They produce great content to help entrepreneurs with landscaping marketing. Plus they offer a mastermind group for landscaping business owners to peer-network.


Phil Sarros, Steel Toe University

“You need to know the object of the game, which is to appear online to prospective clients that you repeatedly provide excellent service for a fair price with exceptional quality. Note the emphasis on ‘repeatedly.’”

Naylor Taliaferro, LCR Media


A rising star on the landscaping-influencer scene, Naylor Taliaferro doesn’t shy away from being a new kid on the block. It’s why the “LCR” in LCR Media stands for Lawn Care Rookie.


He owns Clean Cut Lawn Care Services and appeals to younger audiences via Instagram on @lawncarerookie and @LCRMedia.


He created LCR Media as an online community to connect like-minded individuals in the landscaping industry.


He’s also one of the leading organizers for the GIE+EXPO, the world’s largest annual tradeshow for landscaping professionals.


Naylor Taliaferro, LCR Media

“The ultimate end game for me with LCR Media is how I can help spread brotherhood and a sense of community throughout the whole landscaping industry.”

Reputation Marketing
for Landscapers


A common thread among all these influencers is the importance of customer service to promote your business and build your reputation.


With a strong reputation and lots of reviews, you can leverage the customer voice through social proof marketing.


Social proof marketing is when you proactively promote your reputation as a selling point, "proving" how great your customer service is from the "social" beehive of your customer reviews.


With NiceJob’s reputation marketing platform, you can increase your positive online reviews to grow your landscaping business and own your region.