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From rapid API integrations to powering the reviews for your entire marketplace.
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"My online reviews have skyrocketed."

Jim Bartow, Cleaning Solutions

Build a simple native integration in hours.

Easily add a complete reputation marketing platform into your app with a single API
endpoint. Or, if you integrate with Zapier, you already integrate with us.

Give your users the power of reviews, from every channel.

Enable your users to automatically request, collect and showcase reviews through your platform increasing their web traffic, conversions and revenue.

Zero extra work for you or your customers

Trigger review requests based on any point-of-purchase or post-purchase activity in your app with a single API call.

Reduce churn. Increase revenue.

Integrating NiceJob into your app can reduce your user churn rate by 50%, and help you build strong app eco-systems.

Be added to our exclusive list of integrations for our users

Just agree to developer agreement and we'll review your application to get access to our super simple API documentation. We'll let you know ASAP if you've been approved.

#1. User signs into NiceJob from your app.
#2. When you set it to trigger, users' customers get enrolled in NiceJob.
#3. NiceJob automatically collects reviews.

Power your platform with a deep integration

Social validation is the future. Build it into your software with NiceJob’s trust platform.

Create your own branded review channel

Perfect for vertically integrated marketplaces. Create your own branded review channel to collect, verify, and showcase customer reviews, even ones from other platforms.

Bulk review aquisition

Programmatically collect reviews for an unlimited quantity of clients. NiceJob's review campaigns are generally 3x more effective & efficient than manual review collection.

Build on the internet’s trust platform

Get smart user rankings, deep fan analytics, sentiment analyses, identify revenue expansion opportunities, and more.

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Just a few integration partner requirements

The best integration partners share our company vision.


And you operate in one of the following industries where reviews are relevant to you or your customers...
  • Tech (SAAS preferably)
  • Home services (i.e. cleaning, painting, etc.)
  • Professional services (i.e. law, doctor, real estate, etc.)
  • Health and beauty
  • Travel and tourism

And lastly, you have an audience of at least 10,000 people (contact us for exceptions).

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Building a business is hard, why do it alone? Our partner programs make it easy by taking work off your shoulders.