Surprise and delight your customers with Gifts

Send your best customers a thank you gift for their loyalty and send new customers a token to create a lasting impression – this is how you create vocal fans.

Currently available for NiceJob customers who integrate with Jobber or Quickbooks.
A business owner using NiceJob Gifts to send a happy client a box of cookies.

A new way to grow your business with NiceJob


Show customers your appreciation and pave the way for a long-term relationship.


Thank and reward repeat customers for their loyalty and trust in your business.


Set up your campaign to trigger when customers complete certain actions.


See when customers receive your gift and track your return-on-experience.

See Gifts in action

Here’s how to set up a surprise-and-delight gifting program that runs itself.

Step 1
Login to your account and choose a Gift campaign

Pick between two campaigns — one to welcome new customers and another to reward loyal customers with a surprise gift.

Step 2
Select a gift and personalize the message you want to send

See the campaign goal, who the gift is going to, the type of gift you want to send, and even customize the message your customer will receive.

Step 3
Launch your campaign and set it live

Sit back as your gifts of choice are sent to your customers, get updates about who redeems the gifts, and track your return on experience.

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Suprise and delight customers today