5 Ways on How to Respond to Positive Google Reviews

Knowing how to respond to a customer review is fast becoming an essential tool for business owners.


If you run a quality business, chances are you will spend the bulk of your time responding to positive customer reviews. (Phew!)


It’s ok if a negative review or two comes up along your journey; there's a lot of research and examples of how to respond to a bad review out there.


But what about every other review that comes your way? How should you respond to the good reviews so that new and existing customers feel engaged and heard?


8 out of 10 people read online reviews to make their purchasing decisions and almost all of them read the business's response to the review. ~Local Consumer Review Survey 2019

With that in mind, the time has come to provide a little more depth than “Thank you for your business”.


Here are 5 ways to write an engaging response to a positive customer review, that will help you win return clients and new business.


1. Give specific details about the work you’ve completed


Every review is an opportunity to express the abilities you have and the services you provide.

This allows potential clients doing research through reviews to relate to similar clients that have left the review.


It's worthwhile to mention any of the following:


  • Unique circumstances or challenges you encountered.
  • Special equipment or techniques you used.
  • The type of package or service level ordered.

This could also be an opportunity to inject some keywords for SEO.


Remember though, this is not an advertisement.


These details should be providing knowledge and value to those that read the review.


Here's an example of how to leave a detailed response to a positive review:


“We always say every backyard hardscape should be unique, and we're glad you feel that your new bi-level layout fits the look you’ve always imagined.”

2. Be sure to address everything the customer left in the review


If a customer takes the time to provide a detailed review, you want to make sure that they feel heard through your response.


Your first instinct may be to focus only on the good parts of the review, however, any and all feedback should be addressed.


This displays to new and returning customers that you're always looking to improve your business and that the customer's feedback is meaningful.


For example, here's a detailed response to a positive Google review:


“Thank you so much for the kind words about Heather, our technician. We'll pass them along! Additionally, thank you for your understanding in regards to rescheduling. While we cannot control the weather we're always evaluating our rain date policy, and your feedback helps tremendously.”

3. Share excitement for the possibility of servicing the customer again


While your response is able to be read by the public, you are in fact speaking directly to the individual who left the review.


Offering an invitation and conveying an excitement to have them as a repeat customer conveys a feeling of community.


This positions your business as one that treats their customers as more than a number on an invoice.


Here's an example of how to respond to a positive review that invites further business:


“.....Once again Luther, we're very grateful you chose our company. If you’ll have us out again for winterizing, we’ll be sure to bring you a token of our appreciation.”

4.Share kind remarks and compliments with your customers where appropriate


This is different than thanking them for their feedback.


For instance, did they provide you with a glass of water?


Did they welcome you to their home with conversation?


Complimenting the customer for their gestures gives an understanding of mutual respect between the consumer and provider.


“.....I also wanted to express some gratitude for offering a shaded parking spot in your driveway for our work truck, Kirstin…..”

5. End your response with a sincere message and sign-off


Treat your response to any review with professionalism, and better yet as if you were saying goodbye to a personal friend.


This can often be the hardest part of a response, as a close without warmth can make the whole response seem robotic.


Be gracious, positive, and personal.


Here's an example of a response to a positive review with a warm and friendly sign-off:


“Griff, do not hesitate to reach out with any additional questions about your system, no matter how small. We're always here to help. Let’s keep in touch and feel free to send us any pictures of your dog, Mickey! We love pupdates!”

Consumers are reading your review responses to get a glimpse into your company culture, attitude, and trustworthiness.


Silence is not golden in this case.


Your response to all reviews matter.


Using the tips above, you should be able to develop engaging responses to positive reviews, that will not only help secure repeat business but also attract new customers.


Enjoy adding 5-star quality responses to your 5-star reviews!


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