Webinar: Activating Customer Driven Growth for Sustainable Scaling

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One of the largest hurdles for small business owners is learning how to scale customers and revenue sustainably. This desire to scale can often lead to investing in marketing and sales tactics that don’t deliver ROI. However, there is one marketing model that has been proven effective time and time again: Customer Driven Growth.

The concept of Customer Driven Growth at its core is simple, use your happy customers to attract new customers through word-of-mouth (reviews, referrals, etc). At NiceJob, we’ve built a system to empower businesses to make the most of their customer base, helping build their online reputation, supercharging lead generation, and ultimately, driving effective business growth.

Check out the replay of our webinar “Activating Customer Driven Growth for Sustainable Scaling” featuring Special Guest speaker Cole Mason, former VP of Digital Strategy at Arcane and a member of Google Canada Partners Advisory Council.

During the webinar you’ll learn how to:

  • Amplify the voice of your customers and turn them into your most valuable marketing tool.


  • Understand the key differences between your brand and your reputation.


  • Evaluate your business’s customer journey and determine where the opportunity lies


  • Develop a cost-effective and sustainable way for you to grow your business.



About Cole Mason

Currently serves as the Head of Product Strategy at Morphio, a marketing technology startup that uses AI and machine learning to provide meaningful insights to overwhelmed digital marketers. Prior to Morphio, Cole was VP of Digital Strategy at Arcane, one of Canada’s leading digital marketing agencies, where he led the formulation of data-first digital marketing strategy for brands such as SAXX Underwear, Roots, and many more.


About NiceJob 

NiceJob helps thousands of business owners around the world with leading reputation marketing software products that help companies get 4x more reviews, create automated social media marketing campaigns, and launch websites that increase conversion rate and overall sales.