Fuelling Growth with Rave Reviews: Your Path to a Thriving Business

On November 20, 2023, NiceJob hosted a webinar about how to fuel growth with rave reviews and set your business on a path to thriving in an uncertain economy.


NiceJob's Angelica Cugini and Sebastian Aguirre spoke had a fireside chat with Dave Moerman, the Home Service Business Coach, and Christine Hodge, CEO of Clearview Washing, LLC.


So, what'd they cover?


With rising inflation and growing overhead costs, small businesses must find cost-effective strategies for growth. This webinar dove into the transformative potential of online reviews and the importance of turning satisfied customers into advocates.


You'll walk away knowing why customer reviews have emerged as a game-changer for small businesses, outshining traditional marketing avenues. 


Here's what you'll get!


You’ll hear from real small business owners about how this shift in strategy:

  • Revitalized their marketing efforts
  • Drove remarkable results
  • Unlocked the potential of online reviews and customer advocacy

Plus, you'll get actionable advice for implementing it in your own business!



See how NiceJob will fuel your business growth!

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