Your FieldPulse Integration Just Got More Powerful

Calling all NiceJobers and FieldPulsers... we've got some exciting news that'll make getting the reputation you deserve easier than ever!


The teams over at FieldPulse and NiceJob have just upgraded our integration to add even more functionality between our two platforms.


Sounds great, but... what do you mean by more functionality?


Great question.


Your business is unique and you need tools to suit those unique needs.


When it comes to asking for reviews, for example, your service business may not want to request them at the same time that other service businesses do.


Some people prefer to send review invites upon invoicing. Others might send them upon receiving payment. 


And that's what our teams kept in mind when making these updates!


Here's what changed with your NiceJob and FieldPulse integration


Mutual users can now send more customer events to NiceJob and use these events to trigger review and referral requests.


These new trigger events also carry employee attributions so users can see which of their employees and technicians are receiving the most and/or best reviews and referrals.


So what exactly are the events?

FieldPulse users can now sync the following data to NiceJob and use them to trigger review and referral requests automatically:

  • Job/Work Order (created, updated, completed)
  • Visits (created, completed)
  • Estimate (created, updated, approved)
  • Invoice (created, updated, paid)
  • Payment (completed)
  • Tags (users can use the “noreview” tag to prevent an unhappy customers from getting an automatic review request)

A few other cool, new features include:

  • When you change customer contact information in FieldPulse, it updates in NiceJob
  • When you get customer referrals through NiceJob, those leads automatically come into FieldPulse for you to follow up with

We hope you're as excited about this integration update as we are!


It gives service business owners more flexibility and customization capabilities to invite folks to leave reviews or refer friends and family at the best possible time in the customer journey.


"Using FieldPulse together with NiceJob we’ve already collected 5 reviews out of 8 jobs without having to remember to send texts and emails!” — Philip Kuehnen


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