Epic Roofing Increased Reviews by 142% in One Year With NiceJob!

When looking for a home service business, it can be hard to decide which one to choose.


Sometimes the main differentiator comes down to the service quality of that business. So this raises the following question for service business owners: How do you build trust with potential customers and show off the quality of your service?


As we discovered through our partnership with Webrunner and mutual client, Epic Roofing, reputation marketing plays an integral role in the success and growth of your home remodeling business




Webrunner Media is a contractor marketing agency dedicated to helping business owners scale faster and smarter.. Their client, Epic Roofing, is one of Alberta’s largest residential roofing & exterior companies. This case study focuses on the partnership between NiceJob and Webrunner, and how they helped Epic Roofing boost their online reputation and their sales with NiceJob’s reputation marketing platform.


How this came to be


“Reviews are essential to any contracting business, but getting them can be a challenge. After evaluating a variety of industry tools, we knew NiceJob was a frontrunner and would be a preferred solution for contractors.” - Jamie Doyle, Content Marketing Manager


 As a marketing agency, Webrunner knew that creating a strong online brand presence for their clients was paramount in generating leads. They recognized that by leveraging online reviews, and tools like NiceJob, their clients could boost brand reputation and attract more homeowners in the process. 


When it comes to marketing, word of mouth is one of the most powerful ways in which a business can attract new clients. By using customer reviews, companies are able to translate that word of mouth marketing into the digital world. 


“The home improvement/home services industries are rapidly evolving to a point where a company’s reputation matters more than ever.” - Jamie Doyle, Content Marketing Manager


What they were looking for


When looking for a way to build their clients’ reputation, Webrunner wanted to find a solution that would help them get more reviews and automate the whole process. Webrunner had evaluated many of the top review management tools and chose NiceJob to be their preferred vendor.


“NiceJob gives contractors the ability to leverage their company’s reputation and automation to get more reviews and in turn, more sales. NiceJob takes this one step further and gives contractors the ability to leverage their reviews online to grow their brand’s reputation!”  - Jamie Doyle, Content Marketing Manager


What made them choose NiceJob


NiceJob’s reputation marketing platform was the perfect fit for Epic Roofing as it makes it quick and easy to collect more reviews for service businesses. With many additional features such as analytics, topic insights, and leaderboards, it helped Epic get a more in-depth look at what their customers had to say about them. 


Aside from helping Epic Roofing increase their reputation, NiceJob was able to help them use their increased reputation by enabling them to automatically share their reviews to social media, and display their Google rating right on their website. 


“We love the Engage feature as it gives contractors the ability to show homeowners their credibility in an automated and easy fashion as soon as they visit their site. This is huge as it instantly legitimizes their business and makes it more attractive to the homeowner.” -Jamie Doyle, Content Marketing Manager


How it benefited them.


“Since using NiceJob, the number of reviews we’ve received has increased 60% in just one year!” - Marin Smith, Marketing Manager, Epic Roofing


Epic Roofing has grown to receive the most 5 Star Google Reviews in their area – showing to be the roofing & exteriors company trusted by more Albertans than any other contractor. Epic Roofing

started with 552 reviews across their 3 business locations and grew to 1,334 reviews since using NiceJob, an increase of 142%!


These reviews not only provide them with valuable customer feedback, but they also establish transparent credibility as a business and act as a strong referral tool to gain high quality leads that turn into lifetime customers. 


Epic Roofing & Exteriors was recognized and received the Platinum Preferred MVP Top Performer Award by Owens’s Corning in 2020, in addition to the Service Excellence awards in both 2020 & 2021. These awards outline their commitment to providing great service to their customers, something that is demonstrated all throughout their reviews!


“NiceJob helped capture the feedback and merit of the excellent service we provide that was recognized by the awards received" -Marin Smith, Marketing Manager, Epic Roofing


About Webrunner


Webrunner helps contractors wave goodbye to unpredictable leads flow with done-for-you online advertising. They help contractors become market leaders with a proven system to drive leads and build brands so they can grow their business faster and smarter. 


Since 2012, they’ve been generating leads and strengthening brands for contractors across North America. Webrunner has spent millions in online advertising to help clients acquire new customers and grow profitably (without all the smoke and mirrors). After all, contractors need a marketing partner with a proven track record who cares about their business, giving them the freedom to focus on what they do best.


About Epic Roofing


Over the past 20 years, Epic has grown to be one of Alberta’s largest residential roofing & exteriors companies and have proudly completed more than 40,000 projects since 2001. We’ve worked hard to develop a strong reputation for honest, friendly and reliable work. Offering the highest roofing system warranty available in Canada, Epic Roofing & Exteriors is the first and only Platinum Preferred Contractor in Southern Alberta, handpicked by Owens Corning.