6 Junk Removal Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Business

Master These Marketing Ideas to Become the Top Junk Removal Business in Town


Operating a junk removal business can be a profitable endeavor! You can get your brand to market in less than a year and it’s an industry that offers high margins and low overhead costs.


If done right, there’s nothing more rewarding and steady than running a local service company. But imagine turning your junk removal business from predictable revenues to thriving growth.


How much more rewarding—and profitable—would it be to dominate the neighborhood and book more jobs than any other junk removal company in your city?


To get your local business to the top, you need to know the right junk removal marketing ideas to take over Google Search, get your company website found and scale your revenue.


In this article, we’ll discuss the six best junk removal marketing strategies to achieve these goals!


These marketing tips are great both if you’ve already built your local junk removal business or are about to launch your business.


Let’s get to it so you can start hauling away more junk than you know what to do with!


Marketing a Junk Removal Business: 6 Strategies


Here are the six strategies to help you market your junk removal business:


  1. Understand Your Audience

  2. Keep an Eye on Competitors

  3. Create a Lead-Generation Website

  4. Get More Reviews

  5. Optimize Google My Business

  6. Network with Businesses & Realtors



1. Understand Your Audience


It is crucial to understand your audience and their preferences. A good marketing strategy for junk removal targets a particular audience so you can actually build your customer base and scale profits.


Therefore, small businesses need to define their target audience to design their marketing strategies to cater to their target audience.


For a junk removal company, research what demographics respond positively on your website and on advertising platforms, like perhaps homeowners or building managers.


And study how they find you, like via referring websites or search queries on Google.

Here are some tips to understand your target audience and leverage this knowledge:


  • Conduct market research to understand your audience’s demographics and learn about their needs.
  • Break down your audience into groups using audience segmentation.
  • Build your marketing strategies around your target audience.
  • Consistently review and adjust your marketing strategies as you learn more about your target audience.

Some examples of tools and tactics to understand your audience to approach these objectives include review-mining, using Google Analytics and checking out social media.


Review-mining is unique and involves looking at your reviews to gather feedback. Adjusting your messaging strategy from this feedback is one way of using customer reviews in marketing.


2. Keep an Eye on Competitors


Are you aware of your competitor’s moves? It is vital to be aware of what other junk removal companies in your area are doing and how they are acquiring customers.


  • How do they market their business?
  • What do their customers say about their service?
  • How much do they charge?

Conduct a competitive analysis for small businesses by researching online, listing your competitors and comparing marketing strategies, price points & websites.


This type of information can go a long way. You can also use what you find to show how your business is better by refining your own USPs (unique selling propositions).


What makes your business stand out from competitors often comes directly from customers. Why are they happy with your junk removal in particular? This is a question you’ll want to ask.


3. Create a Lead-Generation Website


As a small business, it’s probably not easy to fund expensive paid marketing strategies, especially in the initial stages when the business is growing.


To attract daily visitors to your website and to turn them into customers, you need to know how to build a lead-generation website.


For example, write copy that grabs people’s attention. Don’t simply say “Best Junk Removal Company in Scranton, PA” because this isn’t emotional nor explains why you’re the best.


Get creative! Say, “Over 12 Years of Removing Scranton’s Junk” or “We’ll Clear Your Clutter So You Can Breathe Again” to either highlight your experience or address a benefit, respectively.


Also optimize your site for search engines to attract locally based potential customers and develop webpage layouts that guide people towards a “Contact Us” or “Request Quote” button.


4. Get More Reviews


As a growing small business, you should never discount the benefits you’ll experience if you get more customer reviews.


Online reviews matter. According to online review statistics, potential customers read more than ten reviews on average before they select a service provider.


Therefore, it’s important to encourage your customers to leave reviews as it optimizes your presence on Google and helps potential customers learn more about your junk removal business.


Moreover, with reviews, you can refine your junk removal marketing strategy by using the positive feedback you receive as part of your messaging, as discussed above.


For example, since your best feedback comes directly from customer reviews, why not use your reviews on your website as a social proof example?


You can easily generate leads from your website by sharing positive testimonials and customer reviews and watch your junk removal business soar!


5. Optimize Your Google Business Profile


A key element of any junk removal marketing strategy is to set up and optimize Google My Business.


Make sure you follow the steps of a Google My Business setup to improve local SEO and win more sales in your area.


That’s because your Google Business Listing is essential, even required in some instances, for showing up on search engines and getting Google reviews & on Google Maps”


Think about it. Before customers make up their minds about what they want to buy, they will likely look up your business on Google.


As a business, it’s your responsibility to ensure that potential customers can find your website easily on Google. This will help customers access information about your business  and discover your brand.


So make sure you build your profile on Google by claiming and optimizing your Google Business Listing. It’s essential to add all the information on your GMB listing to help your customers know more about your business.


6. Network With Businesses & Realtors


While the competitor mindset is ingrained in business culture, small businesses can team up with other local businesses to gain an edge over direct competitors that are more resourceful.


For example, as a junk removal company, you can partner with local businesses and realtors to generate more leads for your small business and improve your ability to find new customers.


Consider looking for bigger companies that want to contract out local jobs, network with realtors who work regularly on spaces that need to be cleared and get in touch with building managers.


Again, creativity is the key. Maybe you create your own partnership opportunity for ecommerce companies that promise complimentary product returns of large items to be hauled away.


Adopt Junk Removal Marketing Ideas Today and Win More Customers


As a small business owner, it’s essential to make the most of marketing strategies for junk removal companies so you can grow your business.


Focus on the critical areas mentioned like understanding your audience & competitors, creating a lead-gen website, getting reviews, improving your Google Business Listing and networking.


To stay ahead of competitors and dominate your neighborhood, you now have the junk removal marketing strategies you need to improve your reputation, increase sales and scale your business.