How to Share Reviews on Instagram (to Look Like a Pro)

The best ways to post customer reviews on Instagram


If reviews are an important part of your marketing toolbox, then you’re likely wondering how to showcase those hard-earned stars on Instagram.


Although Instagram is a fundamentally different platform than Google or Facebook, where reviews can easily be shared to existing and new customers, there are still ways to create Instagram business reviews.


And since Instagram is a visual-first social-media platform, sharing reviews on Instagram means they need to look good. In other words, you need to emphasize the aesthetic component of sharing Instagram customer reviews.


Thankfully, there are ways to promote your customer reviews and testimonials to make your company look pro-fesh-to-death (and by that I mean professional).


Plus, we'll share with you how you can use NiceJob's review marketing software to share customer reviews directly from the app to your Instagram profile without even having to take any screenshots!


Curious? Let’s hop to it and start sharing those reviews to Instagram.


How to Request a Review on Instagram


First thing’s first: Instagram isn’t a platform for collecting reviews. Unlike Google or Facebook, there is no dedicated feature on Instagram for customers to write reviews.


There are lots of great ways to get customer reviews, but it can be difficult on Instagram.

So what’s the best way to get reviews on Instagram then?


The answer is to engage with customers by delivering an amazing experience so that they leave you positive feedback in Instagram posts and share those posts (and reviews from other platforms) in your own Instagram posts and stories.


This is how to get reviews on Instagram: focus on sharing customer testimonials as social proof.


What Is Social Proof on Instagram?


Social proof reviews are customer reviews and testimonials that “prove” your reputation as an amazing business.


The term “social proof” means the social phenomenon of humans copying the behaviors of others based on similar experiences—this is what reviews and testimonials reflect.


This phenomenon is at the heart of NiceJob’s reputation marketing software. We make it easy to ask for online reviews from customers and share those reviews as stories across social media.


By sharing reviews on Instagram, you can capitalize on social proof for your target audience and grow your sales!


And it's little wonder why this would be a great strategy for your business. Instagram is a huge source of leads for local businesses.


With more than one billion monthly active users (over half of whom are daily active users), Instagram is ripe with potential for your small business. Consider these statistics on selling your services on Instagram and the subsequent opportunities for your company to grow:


  • 90% of users follow at least one brand on Instagram;
  • 83% of users discover new brands on Instagram; and
  • 80% of users claim Instagram helps them when deciding to buy a product or service.


So how can you promote Instagram customer reviews? Below we’ll share five tips on how to optimize and leverage customer feedback on your Instagram profile.


6 Ways to Create a Customer-Review Instagram Post


  1. Use NiceJob's Social Sharing feature
  2. Link to a reviews page on your Instagram profile.
  3. Share screenshots of reviews as Instagram posts or stories.
  4. Create a reviews Instagram Highlight.
  5. Create eye-catching graphics for your reviews.
  6. Request a review on Instagram from your customers.


1. Use NiceJob's Social Sharing feature


NiceJob's reputation marketing software comes fully equipped with Social Sharing tools to help you share customer reviews directly from the NiceJob app onto Instagram.


How to Share Customer Reviews on Instagram


Use NiceJob's Social Sharing tool to directly add customer reviews collected from Facebook, Google, Yelp and more to your Instagram profile.


You can edit review captions from pre-selected auto-suggestions, customize the background image and alter text like misspellings or employee names. See how it works:



This feature is handy for companies looking to scale their review game and leverage their reputation on Instagram to increase sales and grow their business.



2. Link to a reviews page on your Instagram profile.


An easy-win for promoting customer reviews to your Instagram audience is to have a dedicated webpage for your reviews and to use the URL space on your Instagram profile to link to those reviews.


If you have a NiceJob account, you’ll automatically have a microsite that showcases customer reviews and testimonials from other platforms (such as Google and Facebook) that you can link to on the profile of your Instagram account. Then in your posts or stories, you can direct your audience to hit the link in your bio to see those customer reviews.


And don't worry — if any negative reviews come in, you can ensure that only 4- and 5-star reviews show up to the public, while keeping any 3-star and below ratings for your eyes only to review and improve upon!


3. Share screenshots of reviews as Instagram posts or stories.


Screenshots to the rescue!


With this method, you are taking a screenshot of a review and posting that picture to your Instagram feed or story.


A couple of things to keep in mind when you do this:


  • The size of your review will likely not be in the square shape that Instagram loves. So to take a screenshot for an Instagram review, reshape it using a photo-editing tool first.
  • Captions are still important. The review may speak volumes about your business, but you can use the Instagram caption as an opportunity to give context to the review and thank the person who left it. You can also explain why reviews are important to your business, softly encouraging others to leave reviews in the future. (Wink 😉!)‍
  • Add customer reviews as the second or third image of a post. If you took photos of the work you completed, consider adding these photos to your Instagram reel and include the screenshot of the review as a testimonial. The images of the completed work will give onlookers a chance to see your quality customer services and the review will highlight how happy your customer was with the finished product.

4. Create a reviews Instagram Highlight.


If you are sharing images of your reviews to Instagram stories, you can create a Highlight on your profile where your reviews can live permanently.


If potential customers are visiting your Instagram profile, they may view this Highlight to see the collection of reviews you’ve posted over time.


Screenshot of a company's Instagram profile with an Instagram Highlight for reviews.
You Move Me's Instagram profile with an Instagram Highlight for customer reviews.


5. Create eye-catching graphics for your reviews.


Knowing that Instagram is all about the pretty pictures (and the captions), it’s worthwhile to turn your reviews into visually appealing images.


There are many simple-to-use and free tools that can help you create graphics that will be suitable for Instagram. Canva, for instance, is a great option.


Here's how we do it:


Screenshot of an example review on Instagram from NiceJob.


And here are some other great examples out there:


Screenshot of an example review on Instagram from Tech Ladies.
Screenshot of an example review on Instagram from Bench.

6. Request a review on Instagram from your customers.


How to request a review on Instagram? This is a long-game strategy. But if you can get your customers to share reviews of your work to their own Instagram networks, it’s like amplifying word-of-mouth.


Don’t forget to ask them to tag your account when they post so you can reshare to your profile!

Here's an example of a NiceJob user posting a shoutout on their own Instagram story:


Screenshot of Absolute DCC's Instagram story giving a customer testimonial of NiceJob.

And some other examples from small businesses who have received customer reviews via Instagram stories:


Screenshot of an Instagram Story from Valley Pressure Washing of a customer review.
Screenshot of an Instagram Story from Fish Window Clean of a customer review.

Get Customer Reviews for Instagram to Grow Your Business


And there you have it!


These are the five ways to share your hard-earned stars to Instagram while making sure you’re honoring the visual nature of this social-media platform.


At the very least, you can add a link to your profile or you can go all-in and create some sweet graphics.


At the end of the day, sharing your Google reviews, Facebook recommendations, and Instagram reviews (or any social media platform) will solidify your reputation and help bring in more business for your company.


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