Introducing Social Sharing to Share Reviews on Social Media

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Curate and Customize Your Customer Reviews to Share on Facebook, Instagram and More!


Do you wish you could do more with your reviews than simply posting them on social media to help grow your business?


We all know one of the reasons why customer reviews are important is because they influence 90% of consumers more than sales pitches do.


So sharing customer reviews online is a great way to show off your company’s reputation and build trust with potential customers.


But by merely reposting customer reviews on Facebook or Instagram, you miss customization opportunities to truly help your reviews stand out so you can better promote your local business.


Introducing Social Sharing from NiceJob—a new way to share customer reviews online that empowers businesses to fully harness their reputation to win more sales.


What Is Social Sharing?


Social sharing enables you to curate and customize your customer reviews from NiceJob’s reputation marketing software directly to Facebook or Instagram.


Instead of reposting automatically generated images or screenshots of reviews, you can now customize reviews when sharing them and actively tailor them for your audiences.


So now your customer reviews can work as actual pieces of content for your marketing campaigns instead of as basic reposts.



How Is This Different Than Old Ways of Sharing Reviews?


Previously on NiceJob, you were only able to share reviews automatically on Facebook.


With Social Sharing, you can share reviews not just on Facebook and Instagram but also LinkedIn and Twitter too—and do it all manually for customization options.


And with our Content Editor, you can create unique captions for your reviews when you share them on social media, alter misspelled words and even customize the background image!


How Can Social Sharing Help My Business?


A big gamechanger with Social Sharing is the ability to make Instagram reviews.


Instagram doesn’t traditionally support automated review sharing, but now you can create powerful-looking Instagram reviews to take your business to new heights.


And with the Content Editor, you can now add custom captions, alter text like misspellings & employee names and choose from recommended snippets for high-impact copy for reviews.


For example, with captions, you can append extra lines of text to reviews for extra information that highlights how much your customers love you.


You can also highlight your team by name and add personality when your reviewers might otherwise only mention your company workers in passing, such as by “the employee.”


NiceJob also automatically selects the highest-impact phrases from your reviews you can pull into the copy and enables you to tweak them if necessary.


And with custom backgrounds, you can incorporate a visual flair to your reviews for extra spice and diverse options for sharing reviews on different platforms.


Whichever way you slice it, you can now generate multiple pieces of marketing content out of a single review for social media to attract leads and convert more of them into paying customers.


How Does Social Sharing Work in NiceJob?


When creating a post to Share in the NiceJob dashboard, simply click on the area of the post you would like to edit and click “Share.”


It’s that simple to edit backgrounds & captions and select snippets! You can also select which social platforms to share to and make unique shares on different platforms!


Example of how the Social Sharing feature works in NiceJob.


Check out the NiceJob help article on Social Sharing for more information.


Now watch your sales soar as you take review sharing on social media to the next level!