How To Get More Plumbing Leads

Plumbing businesses are typically considered a part of the construction industry as they serve across residential, institutional, and commercial settings. In reality, a plumber is needed wherever there is a pipe, sink, or toilet.


They are universally necessary but largely faceless… until you need one right away!

With over 140,000 such businesses competing for attention in North America, it’s not easy to distinguish your plumbing company from the rest and book more plumbing jobs.


A solid digital presence is therefore indispensable for generating exclusive plumbing leads and carving out a presence in the market. 


TL;DR, in this article you'll learn the following:

  • Strategize Your Digital Presence: With over 140,000 plumbing businesses in North America, a robust digital presence is an easy tactic for how to get more plumbing leads.
  • Leverage Virtual Word-of-Mouth: Customer reviews are a crucial aspect of your digital marketing strategy, with 86% of consumers relying on verified reviews for purchase decisions. Reviews significantly impact a brand's trustworthiness and sales.
  • Build Trust Effectively: Trust is paramount in service-oriented sectors like plumbing. Prospective customers greatly value the experiences of others, making positive reviews invaluable for building trust.
  • Prioritize Increasing Customer Reviews: Strategies such as priming your website for search engine optimization (SEO), sending post-service messages, using web chat for engagement, and leveraging Google Ads can significantly increase your customer reviews, which can generate more plumbing leads.
  • Utilize Marketing Tools: Tools like NiceJob can simplify the process of collecting and showcasing customer reviews to elevate your online reputation and attract more customers for your plumbing business.


how to get more plumbing leads

How To Get More Plumbing Leads Using Customer Reviews

Like any other business in the service sector, customer reviews and testimonials are central to building and maintaining a credible online reputation for plumbing businesses.


That’s because 87% of consumers say genuine customer ratings and reviews have the largest impact on purchase decisions, much more than celebrity or influencer recommendations (50%).


This article explores proven strategies for harnessing customer reviews to build a strong market reputation and make your plumbing business stand out from the competition. 

Customer reviews have the rare ability to persuade fence-sitters and turn prospective clients into loyal patrons.


Here's how they can help you get more plumbing leads:


Improve Your Brand Reputation


Positive reviews can significantly augment brand reputation and credibility among potential clients.


Consistent positive feedback from existing customers speaks volumes about the reliability and quality of your services.


Frequently, that is all it takes to win over new clients who are comparing multiple businesses and are yet to make a decision.


Spread Word of Mouth


Customer reviews bring the power of word-of-mouth recommendations into the digital world.


They spread the word about your services faster and more efficiently than any paid online advertising campaign ever can.


Gain Customer Loyalty and Referrals


Positive experiences documented in reviews cement customer loyalty, encouraging satisfied clients to become spontaneous advocates for your business.


This organic transformation can grow your customer base as enthusiastic clients refer your plumbing services to friends and family.


Building Trust and Credibility


Customer trust is a fundamental component in the success of a service-oriented business like plumbing.


Prospective customers place immense value on the experiences shared by others.


Positive reviews are, therefore, indispensable to building a foundation of trust with any potential customer.


10 Ways to Get More Customer Reviews


Now that we've established the significance of customer reviews in leads generation let's delve into ten effective strategies that actively encourage happy customers to share their experiences:


1. SEO-Friendly Website


Getting more reviews begins with enhancing your website's visibility. An SEO-optimized website ensures that your business ranks high in search engine results, making it more accessible for users to find your services and leave reviews thereafter after a positive experience.


2. Post-Service Messages


A direct approach to soliciting reviews entails reaching out to customers after a service has been completed. Sending a follow-up message or email thanking them for their business and asking for feedback can significantly increase your review count. Make this process as simple as possible, perhaps by including a direct link to where they can leave their feedback.


3. Web Chat


Incorporate web chat features on your website to provide a convenient way for customers to ask questions and interact with your business in real-time. An open line of communication improves the customer service experience and offers businesses the opportunity to gently prompt customers to leave a review once they are satisfied.


4. Google Ads


Utilize Google Ads to boost the online visibility of your business on local online searches and draw in more traffic. Target relevant keywords related to plumbing services to attract potential customers actively seeking the services you offer. More customers usually translate to more reviews.


5. Stay in Touch


Build a relationship with your customers to encourage repeat business. This naturally results in more reviews. Send out regular newsletters, offer maintenance tips, or share updates about your services to keep your business top of mind.


6. Use Marketing Software


Platforms like NiceJob are designed to simplify the review collection process. They automate review requests and make it easier to display testimonials on websites and social media. This can encourage other customers to leave reviews and contribute to your online reputation.


7. Create Incentive Programs


Offer small incentives for customers who take the time to leave a review. This could be a discount on future plumbing services or entry into a prize draw. Make sure any incentive program you design complies with the guidelines of the review platform.


8. Make Reviews an Essential Part of Your Workflow


Train your team to request reviews as part of their regular interaction with customers. This can include asking for a review at the end of a service call or including a review request in service follow-up communications.


9. Highlight Positive Reviews


Showcase positive customer reviews prominently on your plumbing website and in your place of business. This serves as social proof for prospective customers and also encourages paying customers to leave reviews about your plumbing business.


10. Address Negative Feedback Constructively


Respond to negative reviews constructively and positively. This will help win back dissatisfied customers and show potential customers how committed you are to customer satisfaction and continuous improvement. A simple acknowledgment of the issue, a sincere apology, and an offer to resolve the problem can go a long way. 


getting more plumbing leads


Advanced Marketing Strategies to Generate Plumbing Leads


Consider integrating these advanced strategies into your plan to further enhance your lead generation and review collection efforts.


Leverage Social Media


Social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok are invaluable for plumbing business owners aiming to showcase their plumbing services and engage with a broader audience visually.


The visual nature of these platforms makes it easy to demonstrate the quality and effectiveness of your services through before-and-after photos, videos of the work process, and customer testimonial clips. 


Sponsored ads targeted to your service area can increase your visibility and ensure the right audience sees your business.


Engage with your followers by responding to comments, sharing helpful tips, and running interactive Q&A sessions. These efforts encourage users to share your content and amplify the reach of your customer reviews.


Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing remains a powerful tool for direct communication with customers. To encourage reviews through email campaigns, start by segmenting your audience based on their service history, location, or level of engagement. 

Personalize your emails to reflect the customer’s experience, making them feel valued and more inclined to leave feedback. 

Automation tools can help send out these emails at the perfect time after service completion, thereby maximizing the likelihood of your receiving a review.


Your emails can include links to review sites, a summary of the plumbing services provided, or special offers for future services. You can stand out from the competition by providing clear value in your emails in the form of exclusive tips, early access to new services, or insider industry insights.


Referral Programs


A referral program incentivizes your existing customers to don a brand ambassador’s hat and spread the word about your services.


A successful referral program must clearly outline the steps customers need to take to refer friends and the rewards they can earn.


Rewards could range from discounts on future services to gift cards or even cash rewards, depending on what resonates best with your audience.


Ensure the referral process is simple and trackable by using unique referral codes or a dedicated referral platform.


Communicate your referral program through your website, social media, email campaigns, and during plumbing service visits.


Highlighting successful referrals and sharing stories (with due permission) can inspire more customers to participate and will help you get more plumbing leads in no time!


Keeping Up with Plumbing Industry Trends


Keeping up with popular trends and evolving customer expectations is crucial in any industry. That’s one way of ensuring your services stay relevant. They impact customer choices and increase the chance of positive reviews. 

Let’s explore the key trends currently transforming the plumbing industry:


Sustainability and Eco-friendly Practices


With environmental consciousness at an all-time high, consumers are increasingly opting for service providers who prioritize sustainability. 

The US Geological Survey highlights that the average American uses approximately 80-100 gallons of water daily (~340L), a significant portion of which is used up in showers and toilets. Awareness of these figures has led to a growing demand for low cost but eco-friendly materials and water conservation efforts in plumbing services. 


Plumbing contractors who adopt and promote sustainable practices such as greywater systems and water-saving fixtures appeal to the eco-conscious market and set themselves apart as industry leaders in environmental stewardship. This helps generate plumbing leads in this specific niche.


Expansion Beyond Plumbing Services


Homeowners today expect a one-stop solution for their various needs, leading some plumbing businesses to offer an array of services like  HVAC installation, water treatment systems, landscape sprinkler systems, and even smart home technology integrations.


By diversifying services and incorporating high-tech solutions, plumbing businesses can tap into new opportunities and meet the comprehensive needs of modern consumers.


Smart Plumbing Fixtures


The market has seen a noticeable shift towards smart plumbing technology, of late. Innovations like Bluetooth shower heads, smart water heaters, leak detection sensors, and touchless faucets are becoming standard for tech-savvy consumers. Tankless water heaters have emerged as a popular choice due to their energy efficiency and longevity. 

Incorporating the latest plumbing technology into your suite or services will help attract discerning plumbing leads looking for a knowledgeable plumbing company in this area.


Importance of Digital Marketing 


Given the competitive nature of the plumbing industry, where no single company claims more than 2% of the total market share, a strong digital marketing strategy is indispensable for any business looking to increase its reach and scale.


Effective use of social media, SEO, email marketing, pay per click or PPC ads, and online reviews can dramatically increase visibility and attract a broader customer base. 

Highlighting eco-friendly services and smart technology in your digital marketing efforts can further resonate with today’s environmentally conscious and tech-savvy homeowners.


Building Your Legacy with Stellar Service and Smart Tools


Like any other, the plumbing industry demands continuous adaptation and innovation. 

For businesses aiming to lead the pack, utilizing tools like NiceJob to streamline the process of managing and highlighting customer reviews can make all the difference.


Elevate your plumbing business by embracing the power of reviews and become the most trusted name in your community!

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