How Good Guy Plumbing Rapidly Scaled Business Growth Using NiceJob with Housecall Pro

In the digital world we live in, Word of Mouth now includes reviews and testimonials. Social media isn’t just for brand awareness; it’s a powerful sales driver and we at NiceJob can integrate reviews into your social media accounts. We allow you to do this automated or you can select which reviews you want to share as a post.


Now before jumping into Good Guy Plumbing’s awesome story, let's paint a real-world picture that many consumers find themselves facing: You're in the market for a product or service, and you come across two options:

  1. One option boasts a plethora of reviews from three months ago, showcasing a momentary surge in customer feedback but nothing in the past three months.
  2. The other option has steadily accumulated an average of eight reviews each month over the past three months.

Which one do you choose?

 Review Meme

Chances are extremely high that you’ll go with the company that has, just like Drake says, “New reviews weekly.”


So why do recent reviews matter?


The answer is two-fold.


Google prioritizes companies that are alive and well

Search engines like Google are designed to prioritize companies with recent reviews, think of it as social proof, that is “proof of life”. A company getting consistent reviews is a company open for business, a company trusted and with a good reputation.


Google's algorithms favor fresh and relevant content. Recent reviews provide a constant stream of new and current information about a business. This signals to Google that the business is active and likely to provide up-to-date and relevant products or services. 


Up-to-date reviews build more trust


Users are more likely to trust recent information. If a business has consistently positive reviews over time, it demonstrates a sustained commitment to customer satisfaction. 


Clients like to feel heard and usually have current needs and expectations that need to be resolved, and seeing recent reviews offers a current insight into others having positive experiences with you in the recent past.


However, the hard part as a home service business owner is all the time it takes to manually ask for those reviews… and so often people forget to leave one because life gets busy.


Robert Castelao Jr., the CEO of Good Guy Plumbing, ran into the same problem. But thankfully, he found a solution.


From old fashion ways to modern methods: automating review generation with ease


Good Guy Plumbing (Los Angeles, California)


What was work life like before finding NiceJob?

For Robert Castelao Jr., the CEO of Good Guy Plumbing:

"Using NiceJob with Housecall Pro, was a tremendous help in scaling our business as rapidly as it did today… I will tell any new business, especially in the home service industry, that [reviews] is what you want to focus on from the get-go.


Before NiceJob I did it the old-fashioned way because I was emailing every customer… It was a personal touch; it wasn’t streamlined and that probably didn’t make sense at the time. NiceJob does it in a way that’s not intrusive but is more mindful.  NiceJob generates so many reviews that I can’t even count, the system just works really well."

What's one of your favorite NiceJob product features?

"We’re heavy on the NiceJob’s team leaderboard and every couple of weeks we do payroll, we reward based on the number of reviews that they get. NiceJob just develops the culture inside of our company that people are proud of. We screenshot these reviews and we have a group chat among us where we send it to each other, just giving attaboys and the recognition that they not only get from our customers but from me too, so it’s a boost of morale."

Ready to elevate your online presence and drive your business to new heights?


NiceJob is your trusted ally in harnessing the power of recent reviews. Take the next step towards building a stellar reputation that not only speaks to search engines but resonates with your customers.

Book a demo to see how NiceJob can seamlessly integrate reviews into your social media, providing you with a constant stream of fresh, positive feedback. Join the ranks of businesses, like Good Guy Plumbing, who have experienced firsthand the transformative impact of a proactive review strategy.