How to Use NiceJob & HubSpot to Get More Reviews and Grow Your Business

One of the strongest marketing channels is word of mouth — it’s part of a successful customer-driven growth strategy, and is a key ingredient in social proof. When a potential customer hears that their friend, or even other people they don’t know, are satisfied with your product or service, your company suddenly becomes a major contender. 


But how do you get your customers to start telling their community that your company is the way to go? 


In a word: reviews. 



Though negative reviews can certainly be a challenge for a business, reviews in general are a huge growth opportunity. Typically, the only customers who really make sure to take the time to write a review are the unhappy ones — and unfortunately, this means that the unhappy few can be very, very loud. 


But by encouraging every customer to write a review, you improve the chances that you’ll get a slew of good reviews that you can share on your website and social media. The more positive, recent reviews you have, the better (they will even drown out the inevitable critical one or two).


To counteract this, using a tool like NiceJob prompts every customer to write a quick review for your business. Of course, not every single person will, but your overall number of reviews will increase, and you’ll be getting a more realistic, and likely more positive, outlook on your customer experience. 


NiceJob is a reputation marketing platform for local businesses looking to grow — and it integrates seamlessly with HubSpot.


HubSpot is a powerful, all-in-one CRM system that works as the engine behind your sales, marketing and customer care initiatives. 


So many industries rely heavily on reviews. Think home services, health and wellness, beauty, professional services, travel and tourism, automotive services, and real estate. And any subscription-based platform — when you pay for a service annually or monthly, you want to know what you’re getting. For these industries, and many more, consumers run to check review sites to get a good understanding of the reputation of the company, the value of the products, and the quality of the service. 


Making reviews an intentional part of your marketing and sales strategy can help your business grow and improve brand awareness. We’ll get into three ways to use NiceJob and HubSpot together to increase reviews, market your business and improve internal performance.


Three ways to increase — and learn from — customer reviews with NiceJob and HubSpot


1. Increase reviews of your company and products

Instead of hoping that every customer will leave a review, you can automatically follow up with customers via email or text for a review or a referral request after a deal is marked as “Closed/Won” in HubSpot.


That’s how NiceJob helped Burmans Health Shop grow their review count from 187 to over 1,480 in just over two years. And One Nine Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy was able to grow their reviews from 46 to 190 in just the past year.


NiceJob review and referral request campaigns convert 2-3x higher than other platforms, because the smart campaigns and customer matching system ensures you’re reaching the customer at the best time — and not needlessly (and annoyingly!) following up with another request after they've already left a review.


Here’s how it works.


Imagine a B2B software company sales rep who finally closed a deal with a local small business. The sales rep marks their file in HubSpot as “Closed/Won,” and the customer is onboarded. After the appropriate amount of time, and the right moment, NiceJob will send them an email or a text asking them to review the service. Then, once they’ve left a review that shows they’re happy with your company, the system can trigger a referral request, asking the customer to refer a friend and get a reward like cash or discounts.  



2. Use reviews to market your services

Getting reviews is great, but many businesses don’t take advantage of their marketing power. 


NiceJob lets you automatically (or manually) share the best reviews on your website and social media, including content tags, photos, and additional context that helps them pop. It helps make your website more useful to prospects who are seeking info about your company — which in turn can help your site rank higher in search engines, because reviews count as user-generated content. And sharing reviews on social media is a great strategy to increase engagement and help create a positive opinion of your brand.  


This helps show that the company delivers great service, and proves it with real-life examples from current happy customers. They can leverage the voice of their customers to confirm they really are "the best rated business in [your city]" or "a company that truly cares about customer service." 


With NiceJob’s Social Sharing features, customers can showcase and share their great reviews to their website and social media accounts, as well as in other channels like email, and in offline marketing, like mailers. 


For example, One Nine Sports Medicine uses NiceJob’s Trust Badge widget to showcase reviews directly on their homepage. It helps build trust with prospects, encourages them to consider booking or purchasing, and helps them feel great about their decision to consider your company.



3. Gain important learnings about the customer experience and employee performance 

Reviews aren’t just a great marketing tool — they can also help you make your business better. To understand how your product, customer service, and company as a whole are performing, you can reference the NiceJob Topic Insights feature, which parses reviews for keywords and sentiment and showcases the top positive and negative topics customers reference in their reviews from the past week, month, year, or a custom-defined period. 


Not only do you get great insights about your company, but you also get great information about each customer and their goals, which can help you tailor a future pitch for an upsell. 


And using the Employee Leaderboard feature, companies can understand which employees are driving the most reviews or the best ratings for your company, as every employee will be linked to their Deal in HubSpot. The business can then use all this valuable data to improve operations, acknowledge the performance of an employee, or address any issues highlighted by a customer review.




Reviews are powerful — so generate more and use them!


Learn more about how you can use the NiceJob integration with HubSpot to help you get more reviews, drive more referrals, and learn all about how your customers experience your business.