The Best HVAC Software Apps for Service Technicians, Sorted By Category

The sooner you harness the power of technology, the sooner you’ll experience more growth for local HVAC business

With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the top HVAC software apps for service technicians to streamline their work, enhance their skills, and ultimately deliver the best service to their clients. Ready to elevate your HVAC game? Let’s dive in!

Key Takeaways

  • HouseCall Pro, ServiceTitan, and Jobber are top HVAC business management software solutions.
  • Essential troubleshooting apps like Ref Tools and HVAC Buddy provide technicians with valuable resources and tools.
  • Certification and exam preparation apps such as SkillCat App offer a comprehensive training platform for techs to advance their knowledge in the field.


Top HVAC Business Management Software



In a competitive HVAC industry, the right software to manage your business could be the key to success. Top-notch HVAC business management apps such as HouseCall Pro, ServiceTitan, and Jobber aim to simplify operations, enhance communication, and boost efficiency, keeping your business competitive in the market.


Implementing any of these apps will help you track everything from scheduling and dispatching to invoicing and customer management in one convenient platform. They offer a unified, streamlined approach to managing your HVAC business, eliminating the need to manage multiple tools, let alone pen-and-paper solutions.


HouseCall Pro

Housecall Pro offers an industry-leading all-in-one operating platform combined with modern financial services and supporting business solutions, helping Pros run all aspects of their business. It provides capabilities such as:

  • Scheduling, and dispatching
  • Estimates and Payments
  • Online Booking and Sales Proposal Tool
  • Customer management and On My Way texts

With an intuitive interface and a focus on ease of use, Housecall Pro can help you stay organized and improve efficiency across your business.


Available on both iOS and Android, HouseCall Pro offers a 14-day free trial, allowing you to explore its powerful features before committing. They guarantee a smooth and effective operation of your HVAC business. Plus, Housecall Pro integrates with NiceJob!



ServiceTitan is a comprehensive HVAC business management application with an all-in-one solution where everything can be run in one convenient location that offers:

  • Real-time updates
  • Estimates
  • Pricing management
  • On-site payment processing
  • Easy scheduling and dispatching
  • Financing plans
  • Customer experience
  • Professional proposals
  • Estimating and invoicing templates
  • HVAC quoting software
  • Specialized marketing tools

ServiceTitan Mobile offers several benefits for technicians, too:

  • Access to customer documents stored in the cloud, reducing the risk of lost or forgotten paperwork
  • Avoiding hindrances in job completion or missed appointments
  • Ability to take payments immediately upon job completion, capturing check and credit card payments with the tablet’s integrated camera or card swiper.

And if you need an integration for automated review generation, NiceJob works perfectly with ServiceTitan’s platform.



Jobber is an advanced software solution designed to facilitate the growth of HVAC businesses. Offering features such as allowing customers to book an appointment with your business, online quote approval, payment options, and client history tracking, Jobber provides a range of tools to help you stay organized and grow your business, including a NiceJob integration that automatically triggers review invites as soon as a job is completed or invoiced, for example.


Start with a free 14-day trial and a starting price of $42 per month, Jobber is an affordable investment in the future success of your HVAC business.


Essential HVAC Troubleshooting Apps


Let's chat about something super handy – HVAC troubleshooting apps! Picture this: you're dealing with a pesky HVAC issue, and you're scrambling to figure out what's going on. 


Well, guess what? Having the right apps on your phone at the right time can make the difference between a happy customer and an unhappy one. Apps like Ref Tools and HVAC Buddy are like your trusty sidekicks, packed with all the goodies you need to swiftly pinpoint problems and fix them pronto. Cool, right?


These apps offer a range of features, such as calculators, pressure test kits, airflow meters, refrigerant PT charts, customer support from experienced technicians, 3D simulations for training, and troubleshooting information sorted by manufacturer and model number. 


These vital apps allow you to hasten job completion, access real-time system data, and create detailed PDF reports. They are freely accessible on both iOS and Android platforms.


Ref Tools

Ref Tools is a Danfoss free all-in-one mobile app for air conditioning and refrigeration technicians that helps HVAC technicians troubleshoot systems with customizable options and upgradeable features. This versatile app provides:

  • Refrigerant Slider
  • Low-GWP Tool
  • Multiple units of conversion, such as standard, metric, Celsius, and Fahrenheit
  • Product Finder
  • Spare Part Finder
  • TXV Superheat Turner

In addition to giving you quick access to helpful tools, Ref Tools lets you track your most visited service sites and save unique settings for each one. You’ll save time and simplify each service call.


Ref Tools instills confidence in your ability to handle any HVAC challenge that arises.


HVAC Buddy

HVAC Buddy is a popular app for diagnosing refrigerant issues and calculating superheat and subcooling targets. Priced at $12.99, this powerful app is trusted by professionals and ranked as’s second choice for contracting apps.


HVAC Buddy empowers technicians to diagnose refrigerant issues swiftly and accurately, paving the way for optimal system performance and client satisfaction. Its features include:

  • A straightforward interface
  • Extensive diagnostic capabilities
  • The ability to improve diagnostic capabilities
  • Deliver top-notch service

An HVAC system is an invaluable tool for any HVAC professional.


HVAC Learning and Training Apps


Staying on top of your game in the HVAC world is key to success, right? That's where HVAC learning and training apps come in clutch! 


Ever heard of HVAC Flashcards and HVAC School? These gems are like your personal trainers for HVAC skills. Whether you're just starting out and eager to soak up knowledge or a seasoned pro aiming to polish your expertise, these apps are gold mines of info. 


They're your go-to for leveling up your career and staying ahead of the game in this fast-paced industry. Ready to dive in and take your skills to the next level? These apps have got your back!


HVAC Practice Test

Introducing the HVAC Practice Test App, designed to help technicians study HVAC technology and theory practice tests, flashcards, and score reports with detailed analytics. This app encompasses five distinct categories related to HVAC, providing a comprehensive study tool for both novices and experts.


Major features include +2000 questions written by expert tutors which cover all sections of the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning exam:

  • HVAC Basics
  • HVAC Controls
  • HVAC Electrical Basics
  • HVAC Oil and Gas Heating
  • HVAC Journeyman IMC Code


HVAC School

HVAC School is a free app that provides curated information, podcasts, and test practices for both aspiring and experienced technicians. This comprehensive resource offers invaluable insights and guidance, helping technicians stay informed about the latest HVAC technology and industry trends.


Whether it’s for preparing for certification exams, learning new skills, or staying updated with the latest HVAC technology, HVAC School is a vital tool for any HVAC tech dedicated to professional growth and excellence.


HVAC Calculator Apps


Determining the right size equipment and ductwork for a client’s home is crucial for delivering effective and efficient heating and cooling solutions. HVAC Calculator Apps like HVAC Load Plus and Duct Calc Elite, as well as the HVAC duct sizer app, assist technicians in making these important calculations, ensuring optimal system performance and customer satisfaction.


The use of these robust calculator apps enables you to confidently recommend the most suitable equipment and ductwork for your client’s home or business, minimizing the risk of overworking or compromised velocity in their HVAC systems.


HVAC Load Plus

HVAC Load Plus is an app that helps technicians size heating and cooling units, show results to clients, and email data for analysis. This comprehensive app includes the HVAC equipment locator and HVAC quick load modules, providing a range of tools to help technicians make accurate calculations.


Priced at $24.99, HVAC Load Plus is an invaluable resource for any technician looking to streamline their equipment sizing process and provide clients with the most effective and efficient HVAC solutions.


Duct Calc Elite

Duct Calc Elite is an app that:

  • Calculates ductwork sizing for HVAC systems
  • Prevents overworking or compromised velocity
  • Has customizable settings such as duct dimensional units, airflow units, and velocity units
  • Allows technicians to tailor their calculations to the specific needs of each job

Priced at $6.99, Duct Calc Elite is a must-have tool for any HVAC technician looking to ensure their clients’ HVAC systems are operating at peak performance. Its intuitive interface and various modes make it easy to use, ensuring accurate calculations for every job.


HVAC Utility Apps

HVAC apps! 🛠️ You know, those handy little tools that make life easier for technicians out there fixing up our heating and cooling systems.


Apart from the usual specialized HVAC apps, there's a whole bunch of others geared towards service. These bad boys, like Heating & Cooling HVAC Assist and iHandy Level, are like the Swiss Army knives of the HVAC world – they've got everything a technician needs right there on their phone or tablet.


Not only do these apps make your job a whole lot easier, but they also help you do it better. You can work more efficiently, deliver top-notch service to your clients, and maybe even impress your boss while you're at it.


So, if you want to up your technician game, give one of these HVAC apps a try. Trust me, you won't regret it!


Incorporating these utility apps into your toolkit equips you with all the resources you need to handle any HVAC job with confidence and professionalism.



Heating & Cooling HVAC Assist

Heating & Cooling HVAC Assist is a free app that helps technicians find HVAC tools, replacement parts, and access installation guides. This comprehensive app provides a wealth of information, including spec sheets, installation guides, equipment models, and supply locations, making it an excellent resource for technicians seeking to reduce time and cost on their projects.


Using Heating & Cooling HVAC Assist guarantees that the right tools and parts are always at hand, enabling a more efficient job completion and superior service delivery to your clients.


iHandy Level

iHandy Level is a free app that ensures work is level by providing an accurate level tool for mobile phones. With its user-friendly interface and accurate measurements, iHandy Level can help technicians maintain the highest standards of quality and precision in their work.


Adding iHandy Level to your toolkit ensures that your installations are consistently level and professional, leading to the best possible results for your clients and their HVAC systems.


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HVAC Certification and Exam Preparation Apps

Acquiring certifications and passing exams are significant milestones for HVAC technicians aspiring to progress in their careers. HVAC Certification and Exam Preparation Apps like SkillCat: HVAC School, EPA 608 help technicians prepare for these important exams and certifications, ensuring they have the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in the HVAC industry.


Whether you’re just starting out in the field or an experienced technician looking to expand your expertise, these apps provide invaluable resources to help you achieve your career goals and stay ahead in the competitive HVAC industry.


HVAC Practice Test

HVAC Practice Test is a free app that offers various learning modes to help technicians study for their exams. With multiple-choice, true/false, and fill-in-the-blank questions, this app provides a comprehensive study tool to help technicians build their knowledge and confidence in the HVAC field.


Using the HVAC Practice Test app prepares you well for any exam, facilitating the acquisition of the necessary certifications and credentials to excel in your career.


SkillCat App

SkillCat App is a training app that provides:

  • Free HVAC training
  • Certifications
  • Personalized coaching
  • Job postings for technicians

With over 30 3D simulations, videos, and individualized 1:1 coaching, SkillCat App offers a comprehensive platform for technicians to improve their skills and knowledge in the HVAC field.


Whether you are a beginner or an experienced technician desiring to broaden your expertise, SkillCat App equips you with the resources to stay competitive in the fast-paced HVAC industry.


Time to sum it up

The best HVAC apps for service technicians cover everything from managing your business to troubleshooting, learning, and preparing for exams. They're like your secret weapons for success in the HVAC world! 


With these apps in your toolkit, you can simplify your tasks, improve your skills, and provide top-notch service to your clients. It's all about staying ahead in this competitive industry, and these apps give you the edge you need. 


So why wait? Consider what your company needs most, dive into those top apps, and get ready to elevate your local HVAC business to new heights.


And speaking of success, if you're looking to grow your HVAC business, consider giving NiceJob a try! 


With its powerful tools for reputation management, customer engagement, and online marketing, NiceJob can help you stand out from the competition and attract more clients. So why not give it a shot? Your future success in the HVAC industry awaits – NiceJob can help you get there!


Frequently Asked Questions


How much does HVAC software cost?

HVAC dispatch software is generally priced on a monthly or annual basis, with costs ranging from $19 to $49 per month for one user depending on the features included.


What is mobile HVAC software?

Mobile HVAC software is an app that allows techs to streamline their workflow by accessing custom forms, updating work orders, and adding notes all from their mobile device.


What are some top HVAC business management apps?

HouseCall Pro, ServiceTitan, and Jobber are popular HVAC business management apps that help streamline workflow and simplify administrative tasks.


Are there any apps to help me study for HVAC exams?

Yes, there are several apps available to help you study for HVAC exams, such as HVAC Flashcards and HVAC School.


What are some HVAC calculator apps to help with equipment sizing?

HVAC Load Plus and Duct Calc Elite are two apps that can help with sizing HVAC equipment and ductwork.