5 HVAC Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Business

Develop an HVAC Marketing Plan to Become the Go-To Service Provider in Your City


Let’s say you operate a local HVAC business but you’re having trouble scaling beyond a few employees.


Your customer volume and revenue earnings are stable, but the market is saturated enough as it is. There are more than 120,000 HVAC companies in the United States alone.


In fact, when you search for “HVAC service providers” in your region on Google, several other companies may pop up and the idea of competing with them might give you goosebumps.


So how can you increase your market share and go from getting bogged down in “doing” your business to managing your business?


The key is to focus on HVAC marketing strategies to dominate Google results. That way you can outrank your competitors and bring hordes of new potential customers to your website.


In this post, we will give you some amazing HVAC marketing ideas that will help you reach a larger audience and grow your business.


So read on and have a look at these insightful HVAC marketing strategies that will answer the following questions:


  • What are the essentials for an HVAC website to show up more often on Google?
  • How can you improve your website’s conversion rate and turn more visitors into leads?
  • What HVAC marketing strategies will increase your revenue and make you the go-to HVAC service provider in your region?


What Is HVAC Internet Marketing?


First, let’s look into HVAC internet marketing so you can get a good sense of how to implement the kinds of marketing tactics we’ll be talking about.


The tried-and-true methods of billboard or radio ads, door hangers, flyers, etc., will never completely go out of style.


But a vast majority of potential customers are online. When they need HVAC maintenance, they’re not going to wait to hear a radio ad or find a hanger on their door.


In fact, 33% of people use the internet daily to find local businesses.


Therefore, it’s important to invest in HVAC internet marketing to not only keep up with competitors but to actually increase your market share and grow your business.


HVAC internet marketing is the practice of implementing strategies to improve your website’s visibility on search engines and increase your website conversions so more people contact you.


So how do you optimize internet marketing for your HVAC business?


Here are five HVAC marketing ideas to attract more homeowners and office-building managers to your online brand & your website and increase your website sales.


  1. Invest in Your Brand

  2. Get Customer Reviews

  3. Use Social Proof

  4. Try Local Services Ads from Google

  5. Turn Your HVAC Website into a Lead-Generating Machine

Let’s dive into each of these individually so you can become the most popular HVAC company in town!


5 HVAC Marketing Strategies to Start Growing Your Business Today


1. Invest in Your Brand


Don’t ignore your business branding. It’s just as essential for internet marketing as it is for traditional offline marketing.


Branding is an important aspect of an HVAC marketing strategy that can boost your business like a rocket.


When you have a strong brand, it complements your online presence with name recognition of your company and a strong website design.


According to Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration News, branding is an important part of an HVAC marketing strategy because HVAC companies need to stand out.


The article states that with so many different ways to reach potential customers “HVAC contractors often need to disrupt their brands and create a new look.”


As an HVAC business, you have to get creative. Unique truck wraps, logos and business cards work great. Show off your business and intrigue people with unique branding!


Let’s be honest, to establish a reputation for your business, you need to think outside the box and demonstrate a commitment to cut through the noise.


With people using digital mediums more than ever before, you should be prepared to utilize your brand to market your HVAC business and reach a greater audience digitally.


2. Get Customer Reviews


Once you optimize your brand, you can move forward with some HVAC internet marketing to generate more traffic and leads online. Getting more customer reviews is a great start!


Suppose you’re a homeowner seeking an HVAC contractor because your furnace is on the fritz. You might search on Google something like, “hvac repair near me.”


You'll probably notice that all of the top results have Google reviews. That’s a big deal because 59% of people want to see you have at least two to three reviews before they’ll consider choosing you.


Moreover, if potential customers are touched by your compelling logo, website design and user-friendly interface, they might still be unsure about whether to hire you or not.


Positive customer reviews can put their concerns right out of their mind and definitely increase your conversion rate.


Now that you know why customer reviews are important, how do you get more customer reviews?


This is where review software can come in handy. It will automate the process for you so you can save time while getting more reviews at scale.


Banner promoting reputation marketing from NiceJob so companies can use reviews in their HVAC marketing strategy.


3. Use Social Proof


Using social proof can be an extremely effective tactic in an HVAC marketing strategy because of how it makes you stand apart from your competitors.


What is social proof? Social proof is a customer endorsement of your business.

Some examples of social proof include sharing customer reviews on Facebook or testimonials on your website.


For example, say Elizabeth, a local homeowner, comes to your website because she needs her air conditioner fixed.


She isn’t sure that your company is the best fit until—boom!—her eyes catch a review of a happy customer who had the same type of air conditioner repaired.


All of a sudden, she’s now rushing to hit the “Request Quote” button on your website!


People tend to gravitate towards services their peers recommend. So showing off social proof is an important part of an effective HVAC marketing strategy to increase sales.


4. Try Local Services Ads from Google


If you want to grow your HVAC business, Local Services by Google can be a major gamechanger for your revenue.


Local Services by Google for HVAC companies can drastically increase the number of leads in your pipeline if you’re struggling to attract new business from Google Ads.


Google Local Services are a type of Google advertisement exclusively available for certain types of local businesses like HVAC contractors.


Since most of your potential customers are likely going to search for HVAC services via Google, you have to make sure that you actively maintain a strong Google presence.


Also, Local Services Ads are really cost-efficient. You only pay for qualified leads instead of for every click on an ad so your money can be put to the best use possible.


Google Local Services Ads are effective because they’re highly targeted and they use customer reviews as social proof to show off your business.


They also provide quality assurance through what’s called a “Google Guarantee”—a process that involves validating your business so Google can know that you’re reliable.


All of these features add up to an advertising platform that can provide great value to your business and serve as a profitable HVAC marketing tactic.


5. Turn Your HVAC Website into a Lead-Generating Machine


Transforming your website into a lead-generating machine is the crux of any successful HVAC marketing strategy.


Let’s say you have a website that introduces your company and HVAC services. You release it and see it on Google, but not many people come to it. And few of those who do contact you.


With such a high proportion of potential customers finding HVAC solutions online, your HVAC website needs to turn more visitors into leads so you can start growing your business.


Is there a problem with the design? Or is there a lack of information? What if the issue is with both its look and its content?


For more website leads, you must know the steps for how to create a lead generation website so you can diagnose the problem of what’s not working on your website.


With an updated website acting like a powerful lead-generator, you can wake up with your inbox full of potential customers who need their vents or air conditioners replaced!


Why an HVAC Marketing Strategy Is Key for Dominating Your City


There are a lot of HVAC marketing plans that you can follow for your business. You can always try more billboard or radio ads...or go for something that has never been tried before.


What’s most important about any HVAC marketing strategy is that it shows that you understand your customers better than they understand themselves.


Provide amazing customer service to improve your brand, use social proof & local ads well, develop your reputation and have a website that works.


It’s not always easy. Thankfully, NiceJob helps you get more reviews for your brand, your ads and for your website to turn it into a lead-generating machine.


Isn’t that awesome? Of course it is. So get ready, your HVAC business is about to heat up!