Fill Your Restaurant With Customers Night-After-Night Using Libro and NiceJob

Let’s set the scene: The demand for dining-in experiences is climbing in our post-COVID world, so people take to Google to see where they should eat out. 


They search for “Restaurants near me” and your establishment comes up because it’s so highly rated. The reviews are radiant: “excellent food and great service”, “10/10 would highly recommend”.

They decide to give it a try!

Next step is to book their reservation, which is made easy because you have a Google one-click reservation option, thanks to Libro.

And just like that, table-after-table, night-after-night are filling up.

You wanna know how to make it happen?

Here we’ll discuss the power of connecting Libro and NiceJob, how this will benefit your business and how to get going in a flash. 


What is Libro and how can it help my restaurant?


Libro is a leading online reservation management solution providing restaurants with an affordable, branded solution to fill tables, manage reservations, reduce no-shows, engage customers, and elevate the overall guest experience.

The company’s platform empowers restaurateurs to control the entire online reservation experience, retain all customer information, and eliminate pricey commission models that often come with third party reservation sites.


Top Libro features you should be aware of:


  1. Reservations & seating: Take online reservation requests in real-time at any time, and give your team access so they can be prepared to serve incoming guests. You can also control capacity, hold tables for walk-ins, and manage server-to-table ratios.

  2. Waitlists and no-shows: Creating efficiencies is key here! With Libro you can invite your guests to join an online waitlist, they can see the wait times and you can send a text when their table is ready. You can also reduce no-shows with text confirmations, pre-payments and more.

  3. Database: Since you’ll be able to store or organize customer data, this means you’ll be able to connect to NiceJob and start automatically requesting reviews and referrals from diners. You’ll also be able to store dining habits, visit history, allergies, special occasions and more to really personalize the dining experience.



“Sixty percent of consumers read reviews before deciding where to make a reservation, so obtaining new reviews and sharing them online is an important step towards filling more tables and increasing revenue.”


- Stuart Lachovsky, Vice President Sales-Strategic Partnerships at Libro. 

Get started with Libro and NiceJob


Libro makes it possible for restaurants to connect to NiceJob and start automatically sending requests for reviews and referrals. This will help restaurants become top-rated and attract more and more diners to their eateries.

For example, after you close a reservation through Libro, your customers can automatically be enrolled in a smart follow-up review campaign and/or referral campaign to encourage customer advocacy and growth.

Here’s how you can connect your accounts:


  1. Import client information (it’s super easy).

  2. Sync client contact information and reservation details to NiceJob with the click of a button.

  3. Capitalize on a great dining experience by sending a personalized review and/or referral invite to your guests when they are most happy with your service.

  4. Amplify customer voices by sharing your restaurant’s best reviews across social media, including Instagram.

Visit Libro to get started or see how one restaurant gained 91 reviews in one month.


If you’re ready to connect your accounts please see this handy help article  – or give us a shout and we’ll happily jump in!