How NiceJob Helped You Move Me Get the Reputation it Deserves

This is how the Magic Happened. The NiceJob and You Move Me Story:


You Move Me is a company that doesn't just move boxes, they move people. They help take a potentially stressful moving day and make the process as smooth and seamless as possible. 


With their mission in mind, You Move Me needed the seamless, stress-free moving experience they offer to their customers to extend across their website, and be reflected in their customer reviews.

You may appreciate, as a fellow business owner, chasing reviews and winning those stars can be a time consuming challenge. Furthermore, you have to absolutely nail your website to truly give customers a start-to-finish stellar experience. This bit is necessary to bring in more sales through your site.


These were the frustrations knocking at You Move Me’s door. 


Except this time, when You Move Me knocked, NiceJob answered.  


And that’s when the magic happened. NiceJob and You Move Me joined forces. 


Working together, we knew You Move Me could win at least 4x more customer reviews. Plus, with a complete website redesign, we could improve the customer experience and boost sales.


(In fact, in the first 3 months You Move Me franchisees won hundreds of new reviews and with their new website saw a consistent 6% conversion rate, resulting in 6000+ leads and $2 million in revenue! Woohoo! 🥳)


This is our journey and some thoughts on why this relationship has been a smashing success and how we got to these stellar results.


Why NiceJob + You Move Me are a match made in heaven


A great partnership happens when you have a couple of key things in common. 


You Move Me chose NiceJob because we have mutual values, a set of goals in mind, and a willingness to work together around a timeline and budget.



  • Value-fit:

    When you compare NiceJob and You Move Me there are some noticeable similarities.

    Both companies strongly value putting their customers first. For instance, You Move Me offers every customer a cup of coffee on moving day and brings them a plant to put in their new home. It’s these little details that make an excellent customer experience.

    Both companies also emphasize trust and transparency. Reviews are an important tool to establish trust and transparency with customers, and You Move Me wanted to win more reviews and feature them more prominently on their website. They also wanted to include certifications, real photos of their team members and use their site to showcase that all employees have conducted a background-check.

    With these values in common we knew this could be a strong partnership.
  • Shared Goals:

    There were 3 main goals that we set out to achieve:

  1. Win more reviews: The primary driver of this relationship was to help You Move Me win more customer reviews. At NiceJob, we help great companies get the reputation they deserve, and You Move Me certainly deserves every star they can get.
  2. Increase conversion rates: The second goal was to increase conversion rates on their franchise marketing website. With a Convert website, we guarantee 10% more sales through your website or it’s totally free. There is a lot riding on this guarantee, but we were confident a Convert website could improve You Move Me’s  conversion rates and boost sales through their site.
  3. Deliver the project on time and on budget (or beat it): The third goal was to deliver results, on time and under budget. (More on this below)

    We knew all of You Move Me’s goals could be met with the help of Team NiceJob.

  • Willingness to work together:

    With dedicated account and website strategists at the ready, we collaborated with You Move Me to understand their goals and bring them to life.

    At NiceJob, we know that your website is the portal through which the majority of your customers book or hire your services, so it was important to get the You Move Me site completed as soon as possible. 

    With that in mind, redesigning a franchise website is no small feat. The original You Move Me website had 8000 pages, making this project quite complex. For a redesign of this scale, You Move Me was looking at a six month timeline and thousands of dollars to get the job done.

    Fortunately, NiceJob was able to deliver on a 2 month turnaround, under budget and never ever sacrificing quality of work.
    (Toot toot! That’s the sound NiceJob blowing our own horn. But seriously, it was delivered in record time thanks to You Move Me working closely with our dedicated team of Convert website strategists.)


Process & collaboration


  1. Discovery: From the very first meeting, the team at NiceJob made sure to understand You Move Me’s vision and goals for their online reputation and for their website. During this phase we collected as much information as possible and set a clear timeline. An action plan was agreed upon and regular update meetings were scheduled.
  2. Onboarding: NiceJob held two webinars to introduce ourselves to the franchisees and keep them informed of the process.
    Then we held strategy calls with every franchisee to understand their stories and ways that they stood out to their competitors in their neighbourhoods. We wanted to make sure that the individual location pages reflected the overall vision and brand of You Move Me, but also reflected the individuality and unique stories of the different franchisees. 

    We also made sure that every franchisee got set-up with NiceJob reviews and worked with their CRM to quickly set up a custom integration to automate their review collection process and enable seamless lead generation from their website.
  3. Site-Build: Prior to starting on the site-build, we presented drafts of key pages to You Move Me for approval and sign-off of overall design and page structure. Regular check-in meetings were held to ensure continuous alignment.
  4. Continuous Support: NiceJob's role doesn’t end at the completion of the website build. We offer continuous support post-build for the full lifecycle of the website. This includes any extra updates needed as the franchise grows, installing tracking codes for marketing ads, and continuously monitoring the conversion rate of the site.

Results of a stellar partnership


In under four months, You Move Me has won hundreds of new reviews since using NiceJob's reputation marketing software.


For example, the Vancouver, BC location has won 84 new reviews since joining. The Miami location has doubled their reviews since joining, winning 52 positive reviews across Google, Facebook and HomeAdvisor. And the Kansas City location has won over 300 reviews since joining NiceJob!!


The results of the website redesign have been equally incredible. You Move Me now has a high performing website that is easy to manage, generates more leads for the business and can be easily scaled as You Move Me grows. Plus, successful integration with You Move Me's field service management software, Vonigo, they are able to seamlessly manage and organize their franchise.


In the first three and a half months since launching the new website, it has converted consistently above 6% which is equivalent to over 6,000 leads! This has generated over $2 Million worth of revenue for the franchise. Now that’s what we’re talkin’ about! 


All-in-all, NiceJob & You Move Me is a success story for the books! Everyone’s happy when goals are set and smashed, right?




"Our team is trending up nearly double in reviews in June versus last year. From ~9% to nearly 17%. Thanks!" ~ Laurie Baggio, You Move Me CEO

If you are looking to skyrocket your reputation or see more business come through your website, please get in touch. We'd love to work with you too.



*This article was written with the help of Jo Owen, the You Move Me account manager.