ServiceTitan and NiceJob Partner to Help Home Service Businesses Succeed

What do you call it when two incredibly powerful tools for home service professionals combine? 


A business owner’s foolproof recipe for success 💥


But in all seriousness – by connecting ServiceTitan and NiceJob, business owners will reap the benefits of streamlined operations, improved customer service and business reputation, and increased sales.

If right now you’re thinking: “that sounds almost too good to be true…” Stay with us while we look at exactly how this will benefit your business and how you can connect ServiceTitan and NiceJob in an instant.


What is ServiceTitan and how can they help my business?


ServiceTitan was founded by the sons of two home service professionals, who wanted to help their fathers run better contracting businesses. They know the challenges home service professionals face and set out to build the ultimate solution.

Today, ServiceTitan offers an all-in-one suite of tools to help business owners complete day-to-day tasks with ease, like scheduling, payroll, job costing and more. 



Top ServiceTitan features you should be aware of: 


Feature 1: Improve the productivity of your entire team using ServiceTitan’s intelligent dispatching that syncs with your schedule. From here you can categorize jobs with tags, and monitor availability in real-time. 


Feature 2: Keep your customers happy with text updates and Uber-like technician tracking. Allow your techs to build estimates and close sales in the field, and offer payment options for your customers. 


Feature 3: Manage your financials, all in one place. You can monitor job progress and costs in real-time, and collect payments on time. You can even manage your payroll with timesheet tracking, automated bonuses, and more.


I recently began using NiceJob and have been impressed by the company’s support and follow-up, as well as the results I have seen so far. NiceJob takes the review piece off of my plate, allowing me to focus on other areas of my business. In addition, they integrate well with ServiceTitan which makes the entire process efficient and enjoyable. I’m very pleased to have found them.” 


- Gordon Myers, TemperaturePro

Get started with ServiceTitan and NiceJob

Connect ServiceTitan to NiceJob to automatically import your contacts and invite customers into review and referral campaigns. 


For example, when a job is closed in ServiceTitan, your customers can automatically be enrolled in a smart follow-up review campaign and/or referral campaign to encourage customer advocacy and growth. 


This will make everything, from your business operations to your marketing more streamlined and efficient. Smooth as butter!


Visit ServiceTitan to get started, or if you’re ready to connect your accounts please see this handy help article  – or give us a shout and we’ll happily jump in!