Connect NiceJob and ServiceMonster to Simplify Your Business


We’re excited to announce the newest integration to the NiceJob family: ServiceMonster!


We know running a business is difficult, that’s why we’re always finding ways to simplify things.


This powerhouse software combo will allow you to do more from one app, streamlining your business processes.


For instance, connecting ServiceMonster and NiceJob means every time you complete a job and save an invoice using ServiceMonster, you can automatically send out a review invite to the customer. The more 5-star reviews you pull in, the more Google will prioritize your business to searching customers. More customers = more jobs to complete = more money in your pocket.


(See what we mean by powerhouse software combo!)


What is ServiceMonster and how can it help my business?


ServiceMonster is a customer management software designed to make your life as a business owner simple. It’s an all-in-one app that will help you run your service business. From this one app you can schedule jobs, get paid and grow your business.


5dc3508053535c1d742268d2_schedule-desktop-with-computer-1024x564Example of ServiceMonster's scheduling feature


Top ServiceMonster features you should be aware of:


  1. Scheduling:  Managing a schedule, whether you are a one-person show or running a fleet, is hard work. ServiceMonster aims to make this as easy as possible for busy entrepreneurs. Determine which routes your techs should take and what equipment they will need, always know if a job is running long or a tech is late to the site, even add customers to a waitlist so you can schedule a nearby tech.
  2. Employee management: keep all your techs on the same page using the ServiceMonster technician app. Use live GPS tracking and know how long each tech spends at every job site.
  3. Automated marketing: Every small business owner has to spend time marketing their business. By using ServiceMonster you can spend less time on marketing and still get the results you want. Just as NiceJob uses smart review request follow ups, with ServiceMonster you can set your own email, direct mail or call drip campaigns. These campaigns are critical to staying top-of-mind with your customers. Anyone else excited about repeat business??

Get started with ServiceMonster and NiceJob:


If you are in the market for a tool to help simplify your business processes, try ServiceMonster for free today.


Once you have your account setup, connecting to NiceJob is simple and only takes a few clicks until you’re in 5-star heaven!


Please see our handy help article to get connected today.