How River City Doors Achieved 1,824% Online Review Growth

When it comes to software, there are some integrations that are simply a match made in tech-heaven.


You can find one of those perfect matches in the NiceJob Markate integration. One of the businesses that’s seen great success with using NiceJob with Markate is River City Doors, the top-rated garage door service company in Edmonton, Alberta.


We connected with River City Door’s owner Amardeep Bhangu who was gracious enough to share about the success that he’s seen!


Before using NiceJob

Before River City Doors discovered NiceJob, they had acquired 37 reviews.


“Before, we’d manually send an email requesting a review but that’s hard to do with all of the day’s appointments.”


While this was a good start for getting reviews, it wasn’t a scalable process. River City Doors needed an effective and efficient solution that could help improve how they generated customer reviews.


The magic of Markate and NiceJob

NiceJob and Markate logos.

When we asked how Amardeep began implementing NiceJob into his business systems and operations, he said:

“NiceJob is actually the reason we started to use Markate. We saw they integrated together so that was one of the reasons we made the switch… They just go hand in hand.

A couple of the reasons why Amardeep loves Markate are the fact that:

  1. It’s easy to use, and
  2. Has features like appointment booking, reminders, and on-the-way messages.

Throw in NiceJob’s Markate integration that fully automates your review generation efforts and it’s a no-brainer. Seriously.

It’s so easy. Once it was set up, I never even thought about it again… It’s automatic so once an invoice has been paid, the work has been completed and we are done everything on our end so it makes the most sense to ask for a review at this time.”


After using NiceJob

On December 5, 2019, River City Doors became a NiceJob client.


Remember, before implementing NiceJob, the garage door repair and replacement company had 37 online reviews.


In the first 90 days, NiceJob helped them generate 27 new reviews.


And as of August 2023, River City Doors has generated 712 reviews – 399 of which are on Google reviews – thanks to NiceJob’s set-and-forget review generation software.


That’s a whopping 1,824% increase in online reviews and an overall 4.9 star rating! (How would that impact your business?)

NiceJob’s been the reason for all of our reviews and the resulting success. Lots of people use us because of our reviews.”

A screenshot of River City Doors' NiceJob Trust Badge that they have on their website.

A high-converting website and free social proof widgets are the cherry on top

River City Doors also takes advantage of NiceJob’s free social proof tools. Specifically the Trust Badge and Engage widget.

  • Trust Badge showcases ratings and reviews on your website from multiple sites
  • Engage provides instant credibility to visitors and increase your conversion rate

When people see our reviews on the website, it makes it easier for someone who comes directly to our website to see our reputation instead of going to google to look it up and seeing our competitors’ reviews at the same time.”

Combined with their custom-made website using NiceJob Sites, it’s no wonder River City Doors has become Edmonton’s top-rated garage door service company.

“The Sites website is so effortless to manage and changes are easy to make. Having it was a big upgrade over our previous website so the Sites website has improved our leads and success.

It blends the perfect amount of relevant information and social proof (e.g., testimonials, star average ratings, before-and-after showroom) to capture leads and close sales.


Check out this short video clip to see all the ways that Amardeep and River City Doors use reputation marketing across their site with:

  • Trust Badge (on their homepage)
  • Engage widget (on their homepage)
  • Stories widget (on their Reviews and Showroom pages)



And that's how you do reputation marketing right!


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