How NiceJob Fixed ServiceMonster Clients' Review Generation Issues

What if your home service business could get 4x more reviews, automagically?


Yes, we spelled “automatically” wrong – but only because that’s what it feels like when ServiceMonster clients use the NiceJob app integration to fully automate their review request process.


ServiceMonster and NiceJob are a match made in home service heaven

Countless companies do amazing work that leaves lasting impressions on their happy customers.


So why is it that more people don’t know about their home service business? There are a few reasons:

  1. Their online presence is lackluster
  2. They have little to no online reviews
  3. People have good intentions, but forget to leave a review (even when asked)

With NiceJob’s reputation marketing software, businesses like Kleencare and 1CleanAir have seen an impressive rise in their positive reviews and star ratings since joining!

A before and after look at Kleencare and 1CLEANAIR's online reviews once they started using NiceJob reputation marketing software.

As of mid-September 2023, Kleencare has achieved a 1,494.7% increase in online reviews...

NiceJob ServiceMonster Case Study Kleencare Reviews Chart

...while 1CleanAir has boosted their online reviews by 4.47 times!

A chart showing 1CLEANAIR's increase in online reviews once they started using NiceJob.

David and Cheri Hanssen, the Owners of Kleencare, also chose NiceJob Sites for their website needs. And in the past year their website has enjoyed a 27.5% conversion rate, which is 23.7 percentage points higher than the industry average of 3.8%.


What makes the NiceJob and ServiceMonster integration work so well?

It’s simple. You can:


1. Easily import client information

Seamlessly syncing data from customer profiles with your NiceJob account is a breeze! That’s exactly what you want from a software in order to keep business flowing smoothly.


2. Automate review requests

After connecting ServiceMonster to NiceJob, you’ll automatically request customer reviews when you close a job or send an invoice.


Cheri from Kleencare has seen the benefit firsthand, sharing that “boosted Google reviews have driven more business and increased online presence.”


3. Share online reviews without lifting a finger

Sharing reviews on your website and across your social media profiles helps boost search rankings, engage followers, and convert more leads.


“Incorporating social media with NiceJob is a good pairing for the industry,” says Cheri. Plus, “NiceJob has been helpful and kind, which is why we continue to work with them.”


If you want to work with a company that truly cares about you and your online reputation while delivering real results for your business, give NiceJob a try today.


Collect reviews after every ServiceMonster job closes. Automagically.

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