Sebastian Aguirre, Doing a NiceJob with the Latinos in Franchising

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When it comes to building community in the franchise space, Rafael Alvarez (CEO of Mister Franquicias) likely comes to mind.


Rafael has become a motivating voice for franchisors and franchisees alike through initiatives like The Mister Franchises Podcast, the number one podcast in the world of Latino and Hispanic franchises in the United States.


And in September 2023, NiceJob's very own Senior Franchise Relationships Director, Sebastian Aguirre, had the privilege to sit down on El Mister Franquicias Podcast to record an episode in Spanish and English!



In this episode, Sebastian dives into:

  • Family upbringing
  • His surprising career transition
  • Detailed walkthrough of NiceJob’s reputation marketing software
  • Franchise trends he’s noticing this year like the fact that Gen Z looks for review volume (and the metric for maximum impact is 85 reviews for any business to generate new sales)
  • The Incredible impact that the Latino community is having on GDP as well as future opportunities

And answers questions like:

  • How does having a good reputation online affect people who want to start a franchise?
  • How can franchise companies use their online reputation to sell franchises successfully?
  • Do you know what percentage of Gen Zers read 3-10 reviews before making a purchase decision? (Pssst, it's a whopping 70%!)

Dig into the minds of to great people in the franchise space and, if you'd like to learn more, check out Mister Franiquicias and subscribe to The Mister Franchises Podcast today!


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