How Oak Bay Clean Has Increased Online Reviews By 14X (and Growing)


"There is no competition, as far as I can tell on the market that can do what NiceJob does. Especially if you're using ConvertLabs. You integrate the two together, done."


Recently, NiceJob's Partner Development Manager (and cleaning business owner) Angelica Cugini sat down with Victoria Westcott, Co-Founder of Oak Bay Clean, a cleaning company servicing British Columbia, Canada.


The two got into key topics including:

  1. Pain points Victoria experienced around Google and online reviews
  2. How she discovered NiceJob and its value
  3. Where NiceJob delivers the most value for Oak Bay Clean


The challenges of growing Oak Bay Clean


Believe it or not, Google's published many resources explaining what they do and what they're looking for to increase online visibility.


Still, Google can remain a black box to many people.

"More than anything, it's not just getting reviews, Victoria shared. "It's understanding how Google works."

It was actually a workshop on one of the online maid summits that Angelica had given about the Google local 3-pack that opened Victoria's eyes to the importance of that search result feature. Not just for online visibility but for acquiring more high-quality leads, too.


Understanding how that works has enabled Oak Bay Clean to consistently appear in the Google 3-pack now.


Example of Oak Bay Clean appearing in the local 3-pack for house cleaning service searches in Google.


In Oak Bay Clean's experience, it's a combination of us posting on Google to let Google know we're active, advertising a little bit on Google, and then letting NiceJob run in the background.

"We're in this kind of magic place where we're getting all these amazing recommendations and reviews from NiceJob and also having Google notice us... that seems to be working the best to get us the best clients."


Reputation marketing as a more sustainable acquisition strategy


Victoria shared some numbers from a time when they'd hired somebody to help do their Google Ads.

  • Cost per click was around $25
  • Cost per acquisition was over $220

For many cleaning business, these are simply unsustainable numbers — especially at scale.


But with NiceJob, the cost of acquisition is "barely anything because the quality of the actual leads is so much better. And they're reading the reviews... they're doing their research. And that's who we want. We want the moms and dads who do the research and find the best damn cleaners in town. And we deliver that."


The price is right


Funny enough, Victoria's sister and co-founder recently asked if they should cancel NiceJob since they've got a lot more reviews now.


To which she gave a resounding no! because she understands that they need Google and NiceJob working together in order to stay up there otherwise they'll drop down.


As Angelica affirmed, "That's the thing — it's very important to remain recent because even if you have 100 reviews already up there, if you only have those 100 reviews from two years ago, you're not going to show up in that Google Maps three-pack."

"As long as we can justify the cost, then it's fine," said Victoria. "And it's $75 a month which, for us, yes! And then I don't have to keep asking the clients. It's all just works."


The implementation process


A few things contributed to Oak Bay Clean's fast and effective implementation of NiceJob:

  1. A personal connection with the awesome ConvertLabs team
  2. Knowing that they don't promote partners and products they don't use themselves
  3. The fact that ConvertLabs and NiceJob has a seamless integration 

"I didn't need an aha moment because before NiceJob, I was training the VA is on how to constantly ask for reviews... and it's just one less thing for them to have to think about... You can certainly do it by hand. It's just more work that you don't need to do. So I'm a big fan of not doing anything I don't need to do. I'd rather be going to yoga."


Oak Bay Clean's reputation marketing success

The number of reviews Oak Bay Clean has since implementing NiceJob, as of mid-October 2023.


As you can see from the now-and-then image above, Oak Bay Clean started with 10 online reviews.


Since starting their NiceJob journey, those 10 reviews have grown to over 140 — a 1,330% increase in online reviews!


"To me, the numbers just speak for themselves."


Easily get more online reviews and sales with ConvertLabs and NiceJob

"I just think it's a no brainer. If you want to grow your cleaning business and you believe in having systems in place that can help you grow it, then you should implement NiceJob." — Victoria Westcott, Co-Founder, Oak Bay Clean

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