NiceJob Brings Home Top G2 Awards for Winter 2023

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Thank you, thank you. Stop it! But seriously, thank you.

We’re proud to share that NiceJob has triumphed in some outstanding categories in the Winter 2023 G2 Awards.


Joking aside, this recognition is important because these awards are based on reviews from business owners who actually use and benefit from the NiceJob platform. 


If you’re debating a reputation marketing platform for your business in 2023, the G2 awards will be helpful in your decision making process.


What Are The G2 Awards? 

First, rewind one quick step. G2 is a peer-to-peer review site to help people find the best software. G2 is the world’s largest tech marketplace where businesses can leave reviews about technology they are using to help their day-to-day activities. You can also go to G2 to discover new technologies that might help your particular operations.

The awards are then earned by companies across the world that provide top-notch products and experience for their customers. G2 ranks the world’s best software companies and products based on authentic, timely reviews from real users. 


As you can imagine, they mean the world to us.


So without further ado…


NiceJob’s G2 Winter 2023 Awards

This is going to sound over the top, but NiceJob won in 24 categories for both generic and small business specific G2 Awards!

We’re going to focus, however, on the 6 that are most significant for you, when it comes to making software choices for your business this year.


Six badges that NiceJob received for the G2 Winter 2023 awards.


Best Results: Small Business, Winter 2023

When choosing a software for your small business, one of the biggest hesitations is going to surround whether or not investing your time and money will produce the results you want.

In the case of NiceJob’s reputation marketing software, you can rest easy knowing that you’ll get the results you’re hoping for!

The Results score is affected by many things, including:


  • Customers' estimated ROI for the product based on reviews by G2 users
  • Customers' reported time to go live with the product
  • Customers' satisfaction with the product's ability to meet their requirements
  • Customers' likelihood to recommend each product


 NiceJob earned the highest overall Results rating in its category for Winter 2023.

“NiceJob is making our review ask process streamlined and consistent, and, most importantly, delivering results. We're getting great Google reviews without taking any manual action at all!” — Jennifer H.

Easiest To Use: Small Business, Winter 2023

Ease of use is extremely important to small business owners, as time is almost never on your side. Fortunately, NiceJob earned the highest usability rating in its category.

The Usability score is affected by things like: customer satisfaction with the ease, user adoption percentage and the overall number of reviews received on G2, among other criteria.

“NiceJob streamlined the review process. We just fire off the info and forget until we see the reviews. Making the process simple is huge for us.” — Pete M.

Fastest Implementation: Small Business, Winter 2023

NiceJob was rated to have the shortest go-live time in its category among small businesses.


“NiceJob makes the process of reviewing simple which makes the customer more likely to follow through and give a review. Getting set up was simple.” — Ranesa B.

Best Est. ROI: Small Business, Winter 2023

NiceJob earned the best estimated ROI rating in its category based on a combination of estimated time to achieve ROI and time to go live.


Highest User Adoption: Small Business, Winter 2023

NiceJob earned the highest User Adoption rating in its category among small-business owners.

This category centers around implementation and is affected by things like: customer satisfaction with the set-up process, the amount of time (in months) required for each product to go live, number of reviews, etc. 


Users Most Likely To Recommend: Small Business, Winter 2023

Small business owners only recommend products and services that they know deliver.
NiceJob earned the highest Likely to Recommend rating in its category, which speaks volumes about how current customers feel about the platform.

“I have already been referring NiceJob to people. I absolutely love the results." — Shanna D.

How to choose the best software for your business

If you’re considering new software for your tech stack this year, G2 is a comprehensive and credible resource.

You can feel confident knowing that the software is reviewed by fellow business owners and operators who are using the technology to improve their day-to-day operations.


NiceJob is honored to hold a 4.9/5 overall rating on G2 based on 200+ authentic reviews, and to snag 24 awards in the Winter 2023 G2 Awards. You can always give NiceJob a try for yourself, free for 14 days — no contracts or credit card required.


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