Get More Reviews from Customer Support With NiceJob and Intercom

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Empower Your Support Team to Grow Your Business With NiceJob’s New App for Intercom


Do you run a business where customer support is your top priority?


Every successful business owner has asked themselves how to deliver exceptional customer service because they know that customer support is the key to strong business growth.


And if you use a messaging platform like Intercom for customers to contact you or your employees for help, you know how vital of a touchpoint that can be for customer satisfaction.


At NiceJob, we believe you deserve to leverage every opportunity to enable your customers to let the world know how amazing your business and your support team are with online reviews.


Introducing the NiceJob App for Intercom!


NiceJob and Intercom: Where Reputation Marketing and Customer Support Come Together


NiceJob’s new integration for Intercom allows you or your employees to request reviews directly in Intercom chat conversations with customers and leads.


Best of all, it works with just a few clicks of the mouse!


The NiceJob App in Intercom also enables you or your support employees to view details of past interactions with customers directly in the conversation window.


This empowers your business to see if a customer has previously left a review, what rating they left and what they said.


You can learn if a customer has previously recommended someone to your company and who it was so that you can use the information to provide a more personalized service.


So with NiceJob and Intercom, you can now grow your reputation at every stage of the customer journey!


Your support team can get customer reviews directly in Intercom after successfully providing amazing customer service.


And if you think about it, the only thing better than a positive review of your service is a positive review of your customer service!


What Is Intercom and How Can it Help My Business?


Intercom is a conversational relationship platform to help businesses build customer relationships through personalized, messenger-based experiences.


They provide a messaging tool for businesses to engage visitors with targeted sales messages or marketing offers, product-onboarding tours and personalized support by a human or a bot.


We here at NiceJob have happily used Intercom for years to interact with our customers and leads. It’s allowed us to scale our support team while still providing a personalized service.


And with Intercom, we save time and effort too! In fact, part of the reason we built the NiceJob App for Intercom is so we could also use it for ourselves.


Top Intercom Features to Know



Business Messenger


Target website visitors and automatically greet them with personalized messaging—Intercom bots will chat, route and schedule for you.


You can customize every part of your team's workflows, like routing conversations based on customer tier or scheduling meetings based on the account owner.


Integrations and Apps


Intercom has a great app marketplace with hundreds of integrations so you can share data between your platforms and automate tasks to free up time for sales and customer support.


Human, Self-Serve and Proactive Support Tools


Manage and reply to conversations wherever they happen—your website, email, social media and more. Intercom’s easy-to-use inbox offers your customers fast, personalized support.


Automatically route and prioritize conversations that need your attention with assignment rules or make it easy for customers to serve themselves by sharing relevant help messages.


Smart Bots Using Customer Data


Resolve common customer issues even when you're not available. Intercom’s bots are simple to train and reduce the need to ask superfluous questions.


Get Started Using NiceJob and Intercom Today for More Customer Reviews!


We know one of the biggest pain points that businesses have is figuring out how to get customer reviews. And, sometimes, knowing how to report fake ones!


It’s the reason we created NiceJob, after all. We want to help business owners get the reputation they deserve.


And now for Intercom clients, you can pair the messaging platform with NiceJob to optimize your efforts and empower your support team to bring in those Google star ratings!


Callout box that says get the reputation you deserve. Win four times more reviews with NiceJob!


If you already use both NiceJob and Intercom, simply enable the NiceJob app in Intercom through the app marketplace.