How G.I. Junk Removal Got 141 Reviews in 2 Weeks using Workiz and NiceJob

Review Automation Can Help You Win More Reviews and Grow Your Business


One of the keys to growing a successful home services business is automation, and yet it’s something that all business owners struggle to implement. 


The team at G.I. Junk Removal recognized that they were losing a lot of time asking for reviews. When they did win a review, they didn’t have an easy way to understand what led to that customer’s positive or negative experience or even which employee served them.

At this point, G.I. Junk Removal needed to build efficiencies into their systems to avoid managing their reviews manually and they knew there was lots to be gained from understanding their reputation.


To do this, they combined NiceJob and Workiz and gained 141 reviews in just 2 weeks! 


Keep reading, because the following will highlight the software G.I. Junk Removal used to achieve this, the results that were driven from implementing a reputation marketing platform, and how this has helped their business grow. 


How NiceJob + Workiz is the Winning Combination for G.I. Junk Removal


Jennifer Calhoun and her team at G.I. Junk Removal in Portland, Oregon signed up for NiceJob and connected it to their Workiz account. The main goal was to automate review requests to their customers, however the benefits of combining these software platforms extended far beyond their initial need. 


What is Workiz?


Designed by service pros, for service pros, Workiz is an end-to-end CRM solution for home and field service management (FSM) companies.


With Workiz, FSM companies can run their entire business from one central location - something that every home service business needs to grow and scale.


Trusted by over 110K pros across North America, Workiz integrates with dozens of industry-leading ISVs, marketplaces, and platforms (including NiceJob) to enable service businesses to work smarter, save time, optimize operations, manage inventory, reduce costs, grow faster, and hustle smarter. 


NiceJob + Workiz (The Formula Breakdown) 


NiceJob and Workiz came together in partnership to solve common problems that home service businesses face. 


In this case, G.I. Junk Removal achieved massive results by connecting Workiz to NiceJob and utilizing the following features:


We love the Team Leaderboard in NiceJob’s Insights! Our crew has a friendly competition going on to see who can collect the most reviews. And leadership is able to quickly and easily identify areas where recognition or coaching is needed.


- Jennifer Calhoun, Co-Owner, G.I. Junk Removal


Overall, they were able to reduce the amount spent on marketing and advertising and grow their business using NiceJob’s philosophy of Customer Driven Growth.


The Incredible Results


G.I. Junk Removal achieved phenomenal results, gaining 141 reviews in two weeks across three locations (an average 473% gain). 


Employees LOVE to see the great reviews they are getting. Morale is benefited, as well as the customer experience, since the crews are more highly motivated to impress.

- Jennifer Calhoun, Co-Owner, G.I. Junk Removal



How Reviews Have Helped This Small Business Grow


  1. G.I. Junk Removal uses reviews as part of their employee incentive and education programs, and they frequently call out great reviews each week in their team meetings as kudos to the employee who received it. NiceJob’s Employee Leaderboard feature makes this really easy!

  2. They integrated the positive reviews into their website using NiceJob’s widgets and saw an initial spike in their web traffic converting to leads and sales.

  3. More customers are mentioning their great reviews as part of the reason for choosing their business, proving the statistic that 87% of customers look at reviews before deciding to do business with a company.

  4. G.I. Junk Removal has even leveraged some of their 5-star reviews in their advertising and marketing materials, which has proven especially useful in their redirect marketing campaigns.

Jennifer explains that “Even after those early review gains, we've continued to get really consistent results from NiceJob. And I'll be honest with you, I tell people all the time that the money we spend on NiceJob is probably the easiest money to spend. Because the value is there, it's well worth it.”


With their review request system on autopilot, thanks to the integration with Workiz, the team at G.I. Junk Removal have continued to grow their business and attract new customers using their great reputation. 


If you’re looking to improve your operations and automate the systems that are zapping your time and energy each week, sign up for Workiz and connect your NiceJob account

NiceJob is proud to support businesses like G.I. Junk Removal and owners like Jennifer in making their lives and their businesses easier and more successful!