Jobber Summit 2023: The Complete Attendee Guide

Overview of Jobber Summit 2023


What Is Jobber Summit?

Jobber Summit (formerly known as Jobber Professional Development Day) is a free, virtual event created for home service business owners and management teams, where you can join thousands of other home service pros for a day of learning and networking.


This event features prominent speakers and 12 awesome sessions to check out that will provide actually useful experience and advice. Sessions will run in the morning and evening, so you can choose the times that work best around your busy schedule.

Some of the speakers for this year include:


  • Alex Rodruigez, former MLB player and Founder of A-Rod Corp.
  • Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin, Founders of The Home Edit
  • Roger Wakefield, plumber and YouTube star, will host the event
  • Paul Jamison, host of the Green Industry Podcast
  • Michelle Myers, founder, and CEO of PinkCallers
  • Lars Kristensen, Founder of NiceJob
  • Dave Moerman, Founder and CEO of Revive Washing


How Can I Grow My Company by Attending Jobber Summit 2023?

If you own a home service business, Jobber Summit is the marquee event of 2023 to help you take your business to the next level.


This event isn’t any ordinary conference for small businesses. It’s specifically tailored for home service companies, with professional advice and hands-on lessons from business coaches, entrepreneurs and marketers who have already traveled down the road of scaling home service companies and helping small businesses succeed.


You will gain actionable advice and new strategies to implement across the people, profit, and process areas of your business.


If you’re looking for ways to grow your business fast, you will want to put Jobber Summit on your radar!


Jobber and NiceJob: The Powerful Integration to Get More Reviews

NiceJob and Jobber banner representing their Jobber Summit partnership.

NiceJob’s reputation marketing platform provides automation solutions to help companies collect and distribute customer reviews across Google, Facebook, and your own website and social media.


By connecting NiceJob to Jobber, you can automate getting a review from every job. Each time a job closes in Jobber, your customer will be automatically enrolled in a smart follow-up campaign in NiceJob which is the secret to getting way more reviews.


Your customers will be reminded to leave you a review, increasing the amount of recent reviews you receive, boosting your credibility and SEO, and ultimately bringing you more sales.


“The integration with Jobber is great– once the job closes in Jobber, the customer automatically gets a text or email asking them to leave us a review. 2 days later, if we don’t get a review from them, it sends out an email. It’s automated! 

It’s really helped grow our business– we’re up 295% in reviews since starting. It’s gained us so many more customers because they see the reviews on our website and on our Facebook, they see the widget that says we have 600 5-star reviews.”


Jason Romendio, Owner, AquaBins LLC
Uses the NiceJob + Jobber integration to get more reviews and sales

NiceJob is sponsoring Jobber Summit 2023 to help your business get the reputation it deserves. NiceJob will host a panel discussion with Dave Moerman, CEO of Revive Washing, and Jess Bannister (“HVAC Jess”) to discuss how they built an automated reviews strategy that helps them get more sales.


You can also join NiceJob’s Networking Room at the event to learn how your business can easily leverage customer reviews to generate more business. Pssst - a special discount for NiceJob will be available for Jobber Summit attendees.


What to Expect at Jobber Summit

Two people on either side of a rocket ship taking off, symbolizing the growth they'll experience at Jobber Summit.

Learn How to Grow Your Business 

This event is a great opportunity for home service business owners to learn how to market themselves and grow their business through real-life examples from industry pros.


More than 25 industry experts will be there to help you grow and better your business, covering topics such as “Winning and Keeping Repeat Customers” and  “Proven Processes for Running a Business”.


Relevant Industry Topics

Jobber Summit will feature expert speakers covering in-demand topics in four tracks: “Activating Your People” presented by CompanyCam, “Boosting Profits”, “Optimizing Operations” presented by NiceJob, and “Maximizing Jobber”.


You’ll discover all the industry best practices and tips & tricks to scale, improve and grow your business and get more clients, no matter how long you’ve been in business or what your annual revenue is.


Why You Should Attend

This industry event is an intensive, information-packed day of learning including: speaker presentations, panels, best practices, networking and business-building. It’s the most cost and time-effective way to ensure business betterment and growth!


Two glowing testimonials from happy Jobber PD Day (now known as Jobber Summit) attendees from 2022.


Where You Can Find NiceJob (and other great resources!)


What are the most helpful sessions?


PANEL | Become Top-Rated: How to Automate a Sales-Winning Reviews and Referrals Strategy

Word of mouth is one of the most effective ways to market your service business — but asking customers for reviews and referrals takes time you don’t have.


Find out how to earn five-star reviews and more sales with ease with David Moerman (Revive Services) and Jess Banister (Cam Cool Refrigeration), moderated by Lars Kristensen from NiceJob.


SESSION | The Business Edit: Presented by Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin

Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin, Founders of The Home Edit, will kick off the day with their session “The Business Edit,” and share how to run a more effective business using their proven home organization methods.


SESSION |  Achieving a Legacy with Alex Rodruigez

Alex Rodriguez, Chairman and CEO of A-Rod Corp, will end the day with his session “Achieving a Legacy,” and share his insights on the competitive worlds of business and professional sports to help you build a legacy that lasts.


The majority of  sessions will be available as recordings to watch after the event for a limited time. To ensure you get full access, register for the event to receive links by email to rewatch the session.


Where can I find NiceJob before Jobber Summit?

You can find out more about NiceJob here.


If you’re ready to get started sooner, book some time with a NiceJob activations specialist to chat about how your business can get 4x more reviews and up to 2x as many customers with NiceJob.


FAQs: Dates, Location and Registration and Location

Someone on their phone with a clock, calendar and other organization-related things behind them.

When is Jobber Summit 2023?

Jobber Summit will take place virtually on March 1, 2023. There are both morning and evening sessions to accommodate your busy schedule– join the event from 10am-2pm ET, or 6pm-10pm ET.


Where is the event?

This is a free, virtual event that you can attend from anywhere.


How do I register for Jobber Summit?

You can register here.


Do I have to be there live? Will recordings be available after?

It’s recommended to join the event live so you get the most out of the event, join in on the live chat during sessions, and enjoy the live networking with other home service business professionals.


Yes, the majority of the sessions will be available as recordings after the event, but some will only be available for a limited time. To ensure you get full access, you’ll have to register for the event to receive links to the session by email after the event.


How do I log into the event and ensure a smooth experience?

Once you register for the event you’ll receive an email to confirm your registration. A few days before the event, you’ll receive a link via email which you’ll use to get in on the event day—March 1, 2023. The event will work best on Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, so it is recommended you use these browsers.


Where can I find NiceJob during Jobber Summit?

Make sure to attend Become Top-Rated: How to Automate a Sales-Winning Reviews and Referrals Strategy


Moderated  by NiceJob Founder Lars Kristensen, this panel will teach you how to generate more sales and win more customers using a reviews and referrals strategy. Dave Moermon, CEO of Revive Washing, and Jess Bannister (“HVAC Jess”) will speak about how they’ve had success growing their business using reputation marketing.


Join the NiceJob networking room at the event to chat with NiceJob experts about reputation marketing, building an automated reviews strategy, and how to win more customers.


Visit the NiceJob partner page with Jobber and see how easy it is to begin utilizing NiceJob with your existing Jobber account.


Register for Jobber Summit today!