Less Time, More Sales: A Customer Q&A About NiceJob + ResponsiBid

Nicejob recently partnered up with the awesome team at ResponsiBid to completely re-invent the online marketing and estimating process for cleaning contractors across America. It’s time to find out how we’re doing.


Q & A with Derreck Smallwood at Squeaky Kleen Washing


Lars (NiceJob): Hey Derreck, so you were one of the first to try the Ultimate Package. How’s your experience been with Convert and ResponsiBid so far?


Derreck (Sqeaky Kleen Pressure Washing): I love it. There are a few features I’d love you to implement, but overall the experience has been terrific. The process was so simple, the dashboard was super easy to use, all I had to do was upload a few photos and answer a few questions and your team took care of the rest. Even now that my site is live, I can still add landing pages at any time just by clicking a button in the Convert Toolbox. And I can custom tailor my site whenever I want with advice from professionals for free. I was able to fine tune my site right down to the favicon. Having tried a lot of other sites, I can say I am definitely impressed with the value for my money spent with both Mark at NiceJob and Curt at Responsibid.


LarsSo we hear you’re also a computer programming major. Why have you decided to use NiceJob and ResponsiBid instead of trying to tackle your online marketing yourself?


Derreck: I’ve built my own sites and they look great, but in the end, I haven’t received many phone calls or bids directly from my site.


LarsAnd what kind of results have you received with NiceJob and ResponsiBid?


Derreck:  I immediately saw about double the traffic. I know that a lot of that could be spiders and such, but I had a lot of increased unique visitors. Before NiceJob and ResponsiBid, my old website had generated only a handful of bids going all the way back to the beginning of this year. As soon as I launched my new NiceJob website with Responsibid, I received 4 in just a few days. And my close rate was upwards of 93% straight out of the gate!


Lars: Awesome, love hearing about our members getting results like that! How about the Covert tools, how have they helped you to share your best work with new potential customers?


DerreckSocially, the NiceJob Platform makes it super easy to share my best projects using the Showroom App straight from my smart phone. I’m really happy you’ve made that process so easy.


Lars: Here’s an important one, how’s the support been?


Derreck: Mark from NiceJob is great, and the support team is really fast at responding to my requests which I really appreciate. And knowing that you don’t charge for every little change is really nice too.


LarsSo, would you recommend NiceJob + ResponsiBid?


Derreck: There are a lot of things to spend your money on but I’m not regretting the money spent on these two power houses. Even if it cost me double per month, I’d still see the value and profit that these two bike loving, hockey fanatic, dudes have made me. I also want to mention that I haven’t received any money or special discounts to make these claims, I simply want to see my peers do as good as me. Take a look at what I have to work with, a rural town populated with 7000 people, and just imagine what you can do in your town of 80k plus. I only wish that I had the customer base that some of my peers have, but aren’t utilizing technology like this.


Lars: Hey, really appreciate you mentioning all that Derreck. I’m so glad to see how happy you are with everything already but I want you to know, we’re not done yet. We’re going to continue to monitor your stats and conversions, we’re going to run split tests and constantly improve your website to win you even more leads. I’m happy to say, your website is going to get even better and better as time goes on. Great having you on-board!



Derreck Smallwood is owner of Squeaky Kleen Pressure Washing in Fort Smith Arkansas. Web: <http://squeakykleenwashing.com>.


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