How To Avoid The Price Trap

We are extremely pleased to enter into a strategic partnership with NiceJob. I founded The Seal  in 2008 in response to my own need to differentiate my reputable business in a meaningful and verifiable way from other companies that were low-price pretenders.


The Price Trap

After a successful career in high-tech, I became an owner of a 165-employee home service company with over 19,000 residential service contracts. I ran sales & marketing operations for several years.


We were often called in to clean up the mess after a consumer had been taken advantage of by an unethical service provider. Many of these providers were unlicensed and/or uninsured. Consumers were misled by business cards, trucks, advertisements, and sales materials falsely claiming these things to make the “businesses” appear legitimate. In most cases, the consumer was left holding the bag when things went wrong.


Why did they choose such a provider in the first place? Because without a meaningful and verifiable way to differentiate between reputable and non-reputable providers, price becomes the only differentiator.  When that happens, good companies and consumers alike can easily fall into the price trap, where the work simply goes to the lowest bidder. 


The cost of quality service providers lose business and have slimmer margins in an already competitive marketplace.  And if they go out of business, consumers end up with fewer options to hire a quality provider when they really need one.  The risks and costs to consumers are many and they vary from poor quality and shoddy workmanship, to financial liabilities and personal safety issues.


Consumer Safety & Security

The safety & security of our customers and their property was important to my company. Going beyond proper licensing and insurance, we performed criminal background checks on every employee we dispatched to a home or business. 


We frequently found serious problems with applicants working for competitors who advertised and claimed to background check their employees. I discovered that most providers claiming to background check their employees did not actually perform these checks, did not do them correctly, or often did not care about the results. Consequently, recently-released violent criminals and even sex offenders were knowingly or unknowingly being sent into good people’s homes and businesses.


Anyone can tell you they are licensed and insured, but are they really? Anyone can tell you they do background checks, but do they really? If so, are they doing it right? Do they have a published criterion of who they will and won’t let into your home or business? Anyone can email you an employee’s photo from their own dispatch or email system, but what can you really know about them other than what they look like?


The Seal of Security & Confidence™

I started The Seal to help good companies differentiate themselves in a meaningful and verifiable way through 3rd-party verification of licensing, insurance and national criminal background & sex offender checks. 


My desire was to help both good companies and consumers avoid the price trap by marking quality service providers with our Seal of Security & Confidence™. Today our team helps hundreds of clients across the nation build reputation equity upon their already good name.


The Seal + NiceJob = Reputation-Building at its best

These days, most consumers search for service providers on the internet. Customer ratings and reviews play an increasingly important role in their choices. The Seal’s standard-setting background check & badging services paired with NiceJob’s industry-leading review platform can help turn your business into a reputation-building powerhouse. You’ll have an outstanding reputation both online and offline.


We’d love to show you how we have integrated our systems to help our mutual clients make a 5-star impression on their customers, generate more 5-star reviews than ever, and get recommended by their clients.


Are you an employer who cares about your customers and the reputation of your company? We hope you’ll take advantage of this special opportunity to combine two great services and make one big impact on your business.