NiceJob Now Integrates With FieldPulse for Service Businesses

We're incredibly excited to announce FieldPulse; the latest and greatest addition to the NiceJob family!


We know small business owners have a lot on their plate, and juggling it all can be an intense challenge. That's why, when you connect NiceJob and FieldPulse, you can manage your business from one app - anywhere, anytime!


This is a perfect opportunity to simplify your business. For instance, using FieldPulse you can manage customers, schedule jobs, create estimates and invoices and more. And when you connect NiceJob to your FieldPulse account, you can also check collecting reviews and customer feedback off your list!


If you're thinking you just came across the all-in-one answer you've been looking for - you'd be right!


What is FieldPulse and how can this software help my business?


It's time to put the pen and paper away. FieldPulse is a software designed to be a contractor's software hub, so you can manage your business from the office or on the go.

Example of FieldPulse dashboard using the scheduling feature

Top 3 FieldPulse features you should be aware of:


  1. Schedule, dispatch, and manage your team’s jobs: As a small business owner you will want to have tabs on your techs' schedules, find availability and track the status of a job. This feature will help everyone stay in sync.
  2. Create top-notch estimates and invoices: beautiful, itemized estimates and invoices are easy to create and send with FieldPulse. Mark payments and track the status of each bill to stay organized. Plus! Every time you send an invoice with FieldPulse you can also send a review request to win more reviews than ever. That's the beauty of connecting NiceJob + FieldPulse!
  3. Manage your customers and opportunities: Track customer information, job history and customer lifecycle.

Why should I connect NiceJob + FieldPulse?


Winning reviews will help more people discover your business (because Google loves reviews) as well as establish your reputation as a trustworthy service provider in your area. NiceJob will help you generate traffic and bring more customers to your website, and tools like FieldPulse will allow you to capture that business with online booking, invoicing, scheduling and more.

Connect NiceJob + FieldPulse today


Interested in learning more about how FieldPulse and NiceJob work together so you can be automating your business? Message us in the blue bubble on this page or consult our handy help article.


We're so excited to offer this integration; we hope you’ll try it!