New “Topic Insights” to Understand Your Reputation and Enhance Your Marketing

Topic Insights will highlight key topics mentioned in reviews


Ever wanted to know at a glance exactly what your customers love about your business?


Or perhaps, the opposite?


Maybe you’re interested in understanding common occurrences among your dissatisfied customers so you know where to adjust and improve? 


The answer you’ve been looking for is here. Introducing Topic Insights from NiceJob.

Here we’ll explain how Topic Insights work and how you can get the very most out of this new NiceJob feature.


(Oh! And if you’re not already using NiceJob, this new feature we’re about to dive into can benefit your business, but we suggest starting with these tips on how to get customer reviews to support small businesses.)


*Important note: The Topic Insights feature is in the beta phase and free for all current NiceJob Standard Plan account holders. This is subject to change.


What are Topic Insights?



Topic Insights is a new feature that uses machine learning to highlight key topics in your reviews. 


This is an automatic tool that will analyze what is said in your reviews, looking at both what your customers have stated explicitly but also what is implied through context. Due to the machine learning capabilities of this feature, the Topic Insights data available to you will be thorough and highly accurate. 


In the NiceJob dashboard you will be able to see which topics are driving your reputation, both  positive and negative.


"NiceJob's Topic Insights is a great tool that provides our team with a new perspective of customer behavior. Understanding what people say about You Move Me helps us shape marketing initiatives and improve customer service.”
~ Pavlo Tkhoryk, You Move Me


Here’s an example of Topic Insights in action. This example is filtered for the last 30 days, based on reviews from all review sites and tracking the topic “reliable”.

Based on this example, you can see all mentions of “reliable” over time, by company and if this phrase is associated with specific team members.


In-app screen shot of NiceJob's Topic Insights Dashboard


Why You’ll Love Topic Insights


  1. Topic Insights will help you understand what your customers love most about your business and where you can stand to improve.
  2. This feature will save you countless hours of manually sorting through your reviews to find this information.
  3. Once you can pinpoint the positive drivers of your online reputation you’ll be able to leverage highly-mentioned and sought after strengths in your marketing - spoon feeding your potential customers exactly what they’re looking for from a service like yours.
    (Hello competitive advantage!)
  4. You can use Topic Insights to know which team member is contributing to support performance management and reward excellent results.


How to Access Topic Insights in Your NiceJob Account


*This feature is currently in its beta phase and free for all Standard Plan account holders. Please note this is subject to change.


To navigate to Topic Insights in the NiceJob app, follow these steps:


  1. Make sure you are a  Standard Plan account holder
  2. Login
  3. Using the left-hand menu, select the “Insights” tab
  4. Select “Topics”



Should you be looking for assistance with Review Topics, our Customer Success team is happy to help you navigate this new feature, or you can take a look at our help article.