NiceJob, Now Faster and More Powerful

The future of reputation marketing is coming to NiceJob! And it's going to make your life easier, collecting reviews smarter, and every review more powerful.

We're very excited to announce that NiceJob is releasing multiple new features: rebuilt on Google Cloud for speed, with an all new app design, and easier-to-read insights.


POWERED BY GOOGLE CLOUD: NiceJob just got faster and more powerful


  • 5x faster
  • Smarter, more accurate customer matching

What’s new:

We had a big decision to make. We could keep building features on our existing software, or lay a foundation that would be faster, infinitely scalable, and allow us to develop new features quicker. It took almost a year, but it was worth every minute. NiceJob is now rebuilt from the ground up and powered by Google Cloud.

What does this mean for you?

More reviews. The updated platform we've built will provide significant improvements to the effectiveness of our automated review invite campaigns. Moving to the Google Cloud platform has given NiceJob major technology advantages over competing review apps.   


ALL-NEW APP DESIGN: to help you get the most out of NiceJob


  • Getting reviews has never been easier
  • Send review invites faster with less clicks


What’s new:

Yes, the new app design looks pretty😍 but that’s not why we’ve done it. Every design decision is based on making NiceJob easier and more enjoyable to use. Over the last 6 months our design team has spent thousands of hours improving every pixel.

What does this mean for you?

The easiest reputation marketing app on the planet.


EASY-TO-READ REVIEW INSIGHTS: for a clear and convenient understanding of your reviews


  • Makes it easier to see who your fans are
  • Know how well your NiceJob campaigns are performing
  • Makes numbers fun!

What’s new:

We’ve redesigned our fan insights to make them easier to read and more accurate. And we’ve built a new data engine to power our insights, so that you’ll be able to learn what’s turning your customers into fans.

What does this mean for you?

Your business depends on having customers that love your service. Now you can have that vital knowledge and deep understanding of who your fans are.


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