Introducing Engage: NiceJob Launches Free Tool for Small Businesses

We’d like to introduce you to a free tool.


(Go on…)


A free tool that will boost trust and credibility, in a time when those things are needed most.


(I’m listening…)


A free tool that will boost trust and help you bring in new business, critical during this temporary economic downturn.


(Yes! Please!)


Ok, here goes.


NiceJob is proud to introduce you to the newest tool in the toolbox: Engage!


Example of how NiceJob's new Engage product works


How will Engage boost credibility and conversions?


Engage is designed to immediately boost credibility to website visitors by displaying real, honest customer reviews and new bookings.


Doing this will boost sales through your website.


And we say this with confidence for 2 reasons:



  1. We know Engage will increase sales through your website because it is based on the concept of “social proof”.

    Social proof is a psychological and social phenomenon where people mirror the behavior of others in a given situation.

    This means, if you display bookings and reviews from happy customers on your website, there’s a great opportunity to win a sale from the next website visitor who will naturally look to copy that behavior.
  2. We also know that sales will increase, because we’ve tested it. The data shows that Engage will increase your website’s conversion rate and therefore increase sales.

How do I install Engage on my website?

If you would like to add Engage for free it takes 60 seconds to install.

Please follow these steps:


  • Go to this link:

  • Copy the code

  • Paste it onto your website (or send to your web developer. If that’s us, please reach out and we will add Engage to your website).

  • If you require more detail for each step, please see our handy help article or contact us through the blue chat bubble and we will be glad to assist you.

If you aren't quite ready to jump to installation, we understand.


To discover more about Engage (and how it's your gateway to credibility and driving sales), please click here.