NiceJob Acquired by Paystone to Help Small Businesses Grow

I’d like to share some very exciting news with you.


When we launched NiceJob in 2017, we had a mission—to help great companies like yours get the reputation they deserved.


Coming from an ad agency background, I’ve seen too many companies get ahead simply because they had more money to spend on marketing and advertising. Much too often, truly incredible companies that worked hard and invested in their customers often found it impossible to compete.


So we built NiceJob to change that. 


The journey so far has been pretty amazing. We’ve had the privilege of helping over 6,000 incredible companies like yours build their reputation to drive massive growth.


So here’s where that exciting news I talked about comes in—the journey is about to get even better.


In late 2019, I met two founders who shared NiceJob’s vision. They believed as strongly as we do that we can help companies who truly care about their customers to not only compete, but also to win.


As we got to know each other, it became obvious that together we could create a better future for businesses and their customers. A future where businesses invest in creating exceptional customer experiences to turn their customers into vocal advocates for their brand. A future where every happy customer brings you one more customer.


I’m very excited to announce that Paystone has acquired NiceJob. Paystone offers two amazing products, Payments and Loyalty. Paystone has grown ridiculously fast in the last few years and serves over 25,000 small businesses.


So what does this mean for NiceJob?


I’ll be moving to the role of Chief Product Officer, leading the combined product and technology team responsible for fulfilling the company’s mission of achieving customer-driven growth. Together with Paystone and their complementary product offerings, our services will get better and faster so you will have more tools to grow your business.


Most importantly, our culture, team, mission and roadmap will stay the same. We’re more determined than ever to help great companies grow.


We hope you’re as excited as we are here at NiceJob. This is only the first step on a much bigger journey.



Lars Kristensen


CEO, NiceJob and now Chief Product Officer, Paystone