Connect NiceJob and Markate to Run Your Business With Ease


We’re excited to announce the newest integration to the NiceJob family: Markate!


If you know, you know (and you've been waiting for this partnership to happen).


But if you haven't yet discovered how combining Markate (pronounced Mark-et) and NiceJob can help you run your small business with ease - we are here to pull you off the struggle bus and onto small business easy street!


Remember the days of paper trails and hand-written invoices?


No more!


Markate is a tool that will help you manage your small business from anywhere, all in one app. And it's one of the most affordable business management solutions on the market. Combine it with NiceJob, and you're able to effortlessly send out a review request any time you send out an invoice or complete a work order.


See what I mean? Easy street.


So, what is Markate and how can it help my business?


Markate is a software designed to help eliminate paperwork and admin required to manage a business. Markate seeks to automate these aspects of your business instead.


With Markate, bookings, estimates and invoices, online payments and tracking, advanced scheduling and more - can all be managed from one app.


You’ll immediately see an increase in both productivity and cost savings - two vital components to a successful and scalable business.


5e31ce3acf7df281b48e29b0_Screen Shot 2020-01-29 at 10.24.46 AMExample of the Markate dashboard


Key Markate Features to be aware of:


  1. Instant customer communication: Get notified anytime a customer visits your online store and enquires about your services. Follow up with an estimate, offer, or appointment confirmation.
  2. Create estimates & invoices with ease: Sending invoices should be easy breezy. Create, edit and deliver customized invoice on any device, at any time. Plus, when a customer approves your estimate, you can automatically convert it to a work-order and the customer can sign off using the easy-to-use sign feature, directly from their phone or computer.
  3. Low cost, à la carte pricing: Markate starts as low as $20.95/month and allows you to add on features as your business grows or as you discover a new feature is necessary. This way, you aren't overloaded with features you may or may not use, and aren't paying for things you don't need.

Get Started with Markate and NiceJob:


Here’s a quick video on how to connect and enable the NiceJob integration in Markate. And/or refer to this handy help article.





Try Markate for free 2-week trial and see how you can step off the struggle bus and onto small business easy street.