6 misconceptions about your Convert website

Why you should keep your lead generation website


Real talk, the Convert churn rate is ~20% annually. This means 1 in 5 people will cancel their site this year.


We know our products won’t serve every person’s needs, but when someone decides to leave their Convert site it’s a pretty big blow.


What’s more interesting is that 14.4% of people who leave eventually reactivate their Convert website! 


So, we decided to do some myth-busting focused on misconceptions about Convert that cause people to leave or not even sign up in the first place.

We’re here to help businesses grow and succeed and part of that equation lies in your lead generating, Convert website.


Let’s bust some common Convert myths!


Myth #1: Multi-page websites are better than long-page style websites


Once upon a time you might have heard that a website with lots of pages is effective for SEO, or that a multi-page website is best to display all your content.

Unlike a multi-page site, a Convert website uses a long-page format. This means it is one long, continuous page.  There are a number of important reasons why we build Convert websites in a long-page format:


  1. Long-page format increases conversion rate: Our data and many external studies have shown  that having a single page can lead to increased conversions. This is because users move through the information on the page more quickly, and information is easily found with limited ways to get lost or distracted.

  2. Convert offers better user experience: The long-page format offers a continuous and fluid experience for the user. With no jumping between pages, visitors enjoy a simple navigation flow, with a distinguished beginning, middle and end – leaving you in control of the story you tell.

  3. Long-page format is best for mobile: scrolling is by far the most natural movement of mobile users who are accustomed to this way of browsing content. Today mobile accounts for around half of all website visitors and this number is continually rising. This is why it’s critical that your website is optimized for mobile viewers.

  4. The long-page format of a Convert site will help your SEO:  Having your content all on one page makes it really easy for Google to understand what you do. The easier it is for Google to understand your website, the better.

  5. Bonus! Showing your services on one page will help with easy upsells: Someone might be browsing your site for window cleaning services for example, and then easily notice you offer gutter cleaning and add that on to their quote request. If it’s squirreled away on a separate page, those add-on services could be missed.

Keep in mind, there are some reasons you would want locations and services on separate pages though and that is where targeted landing pages come in. Read our blog on “What Is a Landing Page Plus 3 Reasons You Might Need One”.


Myth #2: I don’t own my convert website


Well, of course you do! You own your domain name and all the content that lives on your website. The only thing that remains with us is the design code.

We totally understand that since we do all the updating and editing on your behalf, you may think that we own it. We don’t, it’s yours. We work with you to design the website and maintain it like a well-oiled machine. This also keeps us accountable to you and makes sure to uphold our Convert guarantee. At the end of the day, however, your website belongs to you.


Myth #3: Websites that are highly designed, with a lot of animations perform better than simple, clean sites


Convert websites are built with the number one goal of turning website visitors into paying customers. Part of how this happens is by creating simple, user-friendly websites. There are four reasons for this:


  1. Simple website design increases user experience: Animation, videos, and fun graphics can go a long way to enhance a website and make it more appealing, however, they should never take away any usability. If there are too many things going on, or annoying pop-ups you may see an increase in the bounce rate of your website (this is the rate at which people leave a website after a short period of time).

  2. A simple website design increases readability: It’s no secret that website visitors don’t read every word on your website. To maximize the number of people who see the most important parts of your content, it’s important to pair down your design. By removing unnecessary elements, you can draw the reader’s attention to what matters most.

  3. A simple, clean website loads faster: Site load time is a critical factor for SEO and user experience. If your potential customers and search engines prioritize speed, so do we.

  4. Highly designed websites can detract from your conversion rate: we build every site with your customer in mind and design based on what the data shows is working, which is why our sites have awesome conversion rates! Yes, jazzy graphics and things that whiz across the page look awesome, but we also make sure that those elements don’t take away from your conversion rate.

Myth #4: I need an all-in-one solution


At NiceJob, we’re experts in building websites that help you bring in more sales through your site. Some small business owners, however, are looking for an all-encompassing solution for their website AND digital marketing needs. We get that. However, the big advantage of working with different companies for different things means that you are getting the top-notch experts for every aspect of your business.


I am NOT unhappy. I have decided to consolidate my website, SEO, Google ads and Facebook ads to one vendor. So the only thing NiceJob could have done would have been to expand their services very broadly."


The risk of going for an all-in-one solution is that you are putting all of your eggs in one basket, and may not be getting true expertise. 


In fact, at NiceJob, we work with tons of agencies and partners so that Convert customers get the specialization and expertise they need. 


If you’re looking to work with a digital marketing company alongside your Convert website, please let us know. We’d be happy to work together to provide the best possible solution for you!

Myth #5: My traffic is low and therefore the website isn’t working well for me


This one takes some explanation, so stick with me.


To know whether your website is working or not, you will need to know your conversion rate. 


This is the number of people who took a desired action on your website, divided by the total number of visitors to your site per month. 


In order to have people take the desired action (like booking or requesting a quote), you need people to access your website; this is also known as traffic. 


Getting traffic to your website is something all business owners have to take on as part of their marketing strategy.


An effective website will then take the traffic generated through your marketing and help convert those site visitors into paying customers. 


That said, if you aren’t getting traffic to your website then there won’t be any people to convert into paying customers.


When designing your Convert website, our strategists take every step to reach peak on-page search engine optimization. This is helpful for discoverability on major search engines, however, does not guarantee traffic to your site.


Allow me to explain, SEO practices will help search engines understand and prioritize your website. There are, however, many variables that can impact where your website lands on a search results page. Things like the location of your business, who your competitors are, etc. can all impact discoverability on Google.

So while our website strategists make sure your on-page SEO is working to attract as much traffic as possible, there are some things that we cannot control that may impact how much traffic comes to your website.


This is why your marketing efforts to direct people to your website are so critical. We appreciate that many small business owners have their hands full and marketing is a full-time job on its own. An easy and effective place to start marketing is by collecting customer reviews, or check out this resource on how to get hordes of people to your website.


Myth #6: I need to change website providers when my business grows


Sometimes people feel like their website represents their business at a certain stage of growth or time period and believe they need something new in order to continue to scale.


“I just feel like I’ve outgrown it. I want something that’s a bit more SEO focused going forward.”


Contrary to what some may believe, a Convert website grows with you as your business grows. You have 1:1 access to a growth strategist who will design a professional website for your business and make sure it continues at peak performance as your company scales. Need targeted landing pages for new service lines? Or have gone through a brand refresh? Don’t hesitate to contact us at any time you feel you need a refresh, make updates or changes or a complete redesign - it comes with your site! 


Why a Convert website is ideal if you want a lead generation website


Now that you know some of the common misconceptions about Convert websites, we hope you feel comfortable knowing that your site is in good hands. We aim to create websites that are professional and effective, and by that we mean NiceJob designs websites that help you make more sales. If you have any further questions, please get in touch and we’d be happy to connect you with one of our dedicated website strategists.