The Law of Converting Customers: How to Get Them to Buy from You Over and Over Again

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In this episode

In this episode of the NiceJob Pocast, we'll dive into the Law of Converting Customers with Allison Williams.


You'll learn how to get more leads and turn them into customers. We'll talk about what's involved in the Law of Converting Customers, how you can use it as a business owner and small business owner, and how you can use Reputation Marketing, advanced systems, and a strong business plan to get more clients.


And then, we'll cover how small business owners can grow their revenues, crush chaos in business, and make more money.

Questions answered

  1. How can you crush chaos in business and make more money by focusing on customer retention?
  2. Where do you start if you're lost?
  3. How do you analyze customer retention to know if you're actually growing your business?
  4. Why do you need a system for soliciting referrals and increasing customer retention?
  5. What are the four steps in the law firm hiring process? And what makes them a great guide for any business looking to improve their customer success?
  6. How can you achieve the perfect synergy of dividing up the community to better convert customers, retain them, and get more?

“The thing that probably gets overlooked a lot is how do you put human beings that are fundamentally different … together in one incubator, then shake it up and get a culture that serves the needs of all.“

Key takeaways

  • To convert customers, you need a marketing strategy that shows how to go from the ad to the actual sales process.
  • Understanding your customers' concerns and perspectives is key to growing your brand.
  • Integrating different funnels into your marketing strategy will enable you to retain customers on a consistent basis. You'll be able to guide them to the right areas of your business. This will help you build strategies that will grow your business' revenue.

Today's guest

Allison Williams is the founder of Law Firm Mentor, LLC. As a business coach and marketing strategist, Allison works with solo attorneys to develop their law firms into streamlined, profitable businesses.


Law Firm Mentor helps law firm owners create systems that will allow them to grow their practice and focus on what they do best: practicing law. They also help them create an online presence that will attract new clients and help them get more referrals from existing ones.


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