Below Hero Block: Service Link vs. No Service Link

The Losing Block

The Winning Block





Having service link blocks directly below your hero banner will help to improve conversion rates as it helps to improve the overall usability of the website, making it easier for customers to navigate to the sections they would like to quickly.





The results from this test were the opposite of our initial hypothesis! We found that having the introductory text below the hero banner in this case converted at a 4% higher conversion rate — it was still pretty close though!



Action Step:


These results outline the importance of having strong, benefit-driven copy when you land on the page of your website. But this doesn't take away from the importance of having service link blocks on your website. Depending on which device your user's view your website on most, service link blocks could be very helpful in aiding in the overall usability of your website. It's good to have a balance between the two. This is definitely an experiment that we'll run again!