Hero Block: Project Image vs. People Image

The loser

The winner



Even a simple image choice on your website can make a big difference when it comes to converting passing website visitors into paying customers.


So, what image should you show first on your website??


Let's find out what image you should use in your hero or main section of your website to get the best conversion.




The client wanted to use a new picture of him and his truck as his website's main image. We hypothesized that the image of his pressure washing project would work better because a potential customer wants to see what you can do for them first (in this case, make their home look beautiful) before they care about seeing an image of the owner and his truck.




The winner (the image of the clean house) converted at 83.5% higher than the losing image (the image of the owner next to his truck).



Action Step:

Try using an image of your work in your website's hero or main section. Save the image of you, your team, and your service vehicle for your "About" page or section. Both are crucial — but in most cases, we think your customers want to see what you can do for them first. Or, give it a try and see how it performs! Experimentation is key to discovering how your website performs best for your customers.