Below Hero Block: No Review vs. Review

The Losing Block

The Winning Block





Starting with a customer's story about their experience with the company in the form of a featured review will resonate more with potential customers than leading with a paragraph written about the company.




Our A/B test showed that the results were the opposite from our initial hypothesis (keeping things interesting for sure!). In this instance, the results indicated that having a powerful introductory paragraph about the company resulted in more conversions than having a review just below the hero banner block, as we had originally predicted. Having the introduction paragraph below the hero block converted at a 41% higher rate than having the review block below the hero banner image.



Action Step:

Thinking about what your customers see when they first land on the page is extremely important. Whether this is a powerful statement about your company or a detailed, glowing customer review. What do you think will resonate with your customers the most? As for us, we are going to run this experiment a couple more times to get a more conclusive result!‍