How to Make a Great Carpet Cleaning Website With 4 Examples

How to Make a Great Carpet Cleaning Website With 4 Examples


Carpet Cleaning Marketing Done Right to Get More Website Sales


Let’s set the scene. You’re growing your local carpet cleaning business and trying to think of marketing ideas to get more customers.


Chances are at some point you decide to put yourself in the shoes of your customer to spark some ideas in your head. That means the first place you’ll go is where most of them go: Google.


But you search “carpet cleaner near me” and it’s a long list of competitors with awesome-looking websites to compel potential customers you wish were yours.


Does any of this ring a bell? How can you get your website to show up for people searching for you and work at bringing in new business once people click on it?


One of the most important carpet cleaning marketing ideas is having a great website.


That’s because websites are essential for improving visibility on search engines like Google and for converting visitors into leads after they land on your site.


That’s why in this post, we’re going to hone in on that one marketing idea for carpet cleaning companies about improving your website. We'll touch on:



  • What goes into a great carpet cleaning website?

  • What tactics improve conversion rates, the percentage of people who become leads? 

  • And what website strategies increase revenue to help make you the go-to carpet cleaner in your region?

Let’s look at four examples of great carpet cleaning websites to see what takeaways we can apply to your own business.


We’ll finish by discussing how you can invest in a website tool that leverages all the marketing ideas outlined here so you can blow the roof off your sales (or scrub them out of the carpet!).



Tips for Making a Great Carpet Cleaning Website


First, let’s go over the best tips for making a carpet cleaning website.


These website tips are gamechangers for the four websites mentioned below, so we’re confident that they’ll benefit your carpet cleaning website too and drive a bundle of conversions.



Make a Responsive Design of the Website


Imagine the following scenario.


A potential customer browses your website on their smartphone and has trouble navigating it because it’s optimized for computers with larger screens.


They end up with a poor mobile experience. What do you think would be their reaction?


They will skip your website and search for another one. And you will lose a possible customer. You don't want that, right? The solution is a responsive design.


But what is a responsive design?


A responsive website design is one that adjusts to multiple screen sizes for an optimized user experience.


So if your potential customers browse your website on their phone, computer or tablet, they will not have any trouble finding out why you’re the best carpet cleaner in town!



Provide Social Proof


Most local business owners don't pay enough attention to one of the most important elements that make for a great carpet cleaning website: social proof from past customers.


If your potential customers can't make a decision while scrolling your website, they are most likely to see what your competitors are doing instead. Social proof helps combat this problem.


Social proof is evidence of how satisfied your customers are with your service.


From testimonials to reviews & recommendations, potential customers love seeing your fans rave about your business!


There are lots of examples of social proof that you can use for your carpet cleaning website.


Sharing social proof on your site can be as simple as asking your customers for feedback to post on your carpet cleaning website to engage your website visitors.


All in all, social proof is one of the best ways to demonstrate to homeowners that you are determined to deliver the quality service they expect.



Easy Quote-Requests to Generate Leads


Most customers want to know what you offer and how much you charge. But in the carpet cleaning business, you often need a little info first before you can provide a quote.


Your goal as a business owner should be to remove as much friction as possible for your leads. The fewer steps they go through to provide this info and get what they’re looking for, the better.


You could simply put your contact details on your website and hope for a phone call or an email.


Even better? Add a “Request Quote” or “Instant Quote” feature to your site to remove friction and delight your leads. In fact, this is one of our tips on how to build a lead generating website.



Include Engaging Images


Compelling images are one of the most powerful tools in your website arsenal.


Anyone browsing your carpet cleaning website is more likely to invest in your services if they can see appealing photos of the amazing work you do and the kind of results you deliver.


Showing off photos of your team is also a great way to add personality to your site and let your leads know that you’re a people-first local business!


After all, only telling your customers what you can do by words isn't going to cut the cheese.


We suggest choosing clean and engaging business images for your website, including before-and-after results, so your prospects know how prominent you are in your field.



Answer Your Customers’ Questions


Anything related to the home, whether it's repairing or cleaning, comes with a lot of questions.


What if you covered those questions with a brief FAQ section on your site? This helps educate your leads so they can learn about what they’re getting and you can make a sale!


Questions you can address can be about satisfaction guarantees, your services, the cleaning process and your supplies.


The more information people have when they browse your carpet cleaning website, the more they feel empowered! Now you improve your odds of closing the deal. Sounds good, right?



Have Strong Website Copy


Lastly, website copy is an important component to sell your business and convert leads into customers.


Unfortunately, many websites don't pay keen attention to their messaging. But strong copy has the ability to make a difference between a sale or a lost opportunity.


That’s because good messaging speaks to people’s concerns and tugs at their emotional motivations.


It’s why strong copy is an awesome example of how to increase conversions on your website. If people like what they read, they’ll be more likely to reach out to you.


And including popular keywords is good for SEO (search-engine optimization).


Smart copy helps a website rank highly on search engines like Google so you can attract new customers and grow your business.


4 Examples of Carpet Cleaning Websites That Bring in the Dough!


Here are four examples of carpet cleaning websites for inspiration to help you improve visibility, optimize conversion rates and increase revenue!


  1. CleanTek Pro


CleanTek Pro has a simple website with some killer graphic content. Customers are welcomed with fancy transitions that are well optimized and suitable for every device.


The specific color consistency with the off-greens also comforts their visitors and brings uniformity to the site.


CleanTek Pro's carpet cleaning website.


Lastly, you can feel the ease that a website visitor has browsing their carpet cleaning website. The high-quality images act as a portfolio, which is the cherry on top for potential customers.


  1. Quality Steamer


As mentioned earlier, social proof is an important part of your lead generation journey, and Quality Steamers make full use out of their social proof.


They use their previous customers’ experiences as a primary marketing idea to increase their conversion ratio.


Quality Steamer's carpet cleaning website with social proof.


As you step on their homepage, you can see several examples of social proof that talk about their quality of service.


These testimonials, along with other infographics, are hugely beneficial for Quality Steamer’s online presence.


  1. True Clean Carpet Care


How you portray your services positively affects your website visitors, which is the main aim for True Clean Carpet Care’s website.


They hold a remarkable strength in their advertising strategies that target their clientele and force them to choose TrueClean above others.


For example, the owner adds a personal touch introducing himself to his audience with a friendly photo, so local residents can know who to expect in their home.


True Clean's carpet cleaning website with the owner.


Bob also makes great use of call-to-action buttons that make it easy for website visitors to request a quote.


True Clean's carpet cleaning website with a "Get Quote" button.
  1. CitruSolution Carpet Cleaning


Although CitruSolution’s carpet cleaning website looks simple, that’s also its magic power. They still generate lots of leads. Want to know how? They promote their uniqueness the right way.


If your business has a niche like CitruSolution, lean into it with your website.


Some people are allergic to soaps and other cleaning agents used in the cleaning process. So CitruSolution eliminates synthetic agents in favor of an all-organic solution.


CitruSolution's carpet cleaning website.


Their website focuses on this unique selling proposition smartly and doesn't shy away from it, resulting in plenty of conversions thanks to their smart website copy. Isn't that amazing?


Clean More Carpets With a Website that Converts!


There are lots of great marketing ideas for carpet cleaning websites that you can use to stand out.

But it can also be tough to implement all of them on your own when you’re busy trying to grow your business.


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Convert websites from NiceJob for carpet cleaning companies.

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