4 Carpet Cleaning Marketing Ideas to Get More Online Leads

Master These Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Carpet Cleaning Business


Can you imagine one day having a million-dollar carpet cleaning business? With the right marketing plan, you might be closer to that goal than you think.


Focusing on your company’s online marketing is an important step in growing a carpet cleaning business. The internet is the first place that the majority of potential customers turn to when they need their carpets cleaned. Generating more leads from your website and search engines is essential to take your business to the next level.


How Do I Market My Carpet Cleaning Business Online?


In this guide, we’ll overview strategies to help you get more online leads.


Here are four marketing ideas for your carpet cleaning company to get more online leads:


  1. Get Customer Reviews

  2. Optimize Your Carpet Cleaning Website

  3. Improve Google My Business

Find Online Marketing Resources for Carpet Cleaners

To grow your carpet cleaning business so you can start netting more profit, hire more employees and dominate your local market, you can’t afford to ignore these four areas. So let’s get started!

4 Ways to Improve Your Carpet Cleaning Marketing


1. Get Customer Reviews


Reputation marketing is essential if you want to win more customers and become the top carpet cleaning business in your serviceable area. Using online reviews to promote your brand and your services can strongly influence homeowners and separate you from your competition.


Let’s back up a step. What is reputation marketing? It’s collecting customer reviews online and sharing those reviews across Google, Facebook and your website.


Reviews are incredibly important to building your online reputation. In fact, 90% of customers think reviews are more important than any information you could provide to them in a sales pitch.


5f4e87387387b2120519f6da_90% Stat90% of customers think that reviews are more helpful than a sales pitch.


Reputation marketing also improves your website traffic, search rankings and your sales metrics, so it’s very important for carpet cleaners to build strong customer relationships to get customer reviews.

2. Optimize Your Carpet Cleaning Website


A website is a must-have if you want any chance of surviving as a local carpet cleaning company. But to go from surviving to thriving, you’ll want to make sure your website is top of class.


A strong, well-designed website accomplishes several things for you:



  • It improves your search rankings so that your business can show up higher on Google when homeowners search for local carpet cleaners;
  • It enables you to promote your business by talking about your services online and sharing your reviews; and
  • It acts as a “lead magnet” to get more customers. Your website is where potential customers will decide to hit a Contact button or request a quote.

If updating your company’s website is near the top of your to-do list, there are many website-building tools or design agencies that can build something for you.


However, it’s best to have a website tailored for your business and specifically designed for home-service companies.


NiceJob offers stunning Convert websites that are unique for small businesses. We call them Convert because we guarantee that you’ll generate more leads from your website. With a Convert website, if you don’t get more than a 10% increase in carpet cleaning leads in three months, then you don’t have to pay anything!


3. Improve Google My Business


Do you know if you have a Google My Business profile? They’re Google listings for local companies—and they’re extremely important.


Often when people search on Google for home services, Google My Business listings are the first things that pop up. That’s because they’re what feed the information presented in the Google “Local Snack Pack.”


5f517a73c40fb8563009d1cb_Google My Business Local Snack Pack - Carpet CleaningGoogle's "Local Snack Pack" is populated by information from Google My Business.


Google My Business integrates with Google Search and Google Maps too, so they’re a vital part of a marketing strategy for carpet cleaning companies to generate more online leads.


Updating your Google My Business listing with business categories, your website & contact information, business hours and more also helps improve your search rankings.


Plus, it’s where you collect Google reviews for your business so happy customers can tell the world how amazing your carpet cleaners are!


4. Find Online Marketing Resources for Carpet Cleaners


Successful small-business owners are always learning.

The best marketing advice for a carpet cleaning company is to find the top internet marketers and influencers to learn how they can help you scale.

To identify your niche, develop your brand and attract more customers, join online forums about how to run a carpet cleaning company, listen to podcasts for small businesses and read lots of books.


Here are some carpet cleaning marketing materials to get you started:


  • TruckMountForums is a community website for carpet cleaners from all over the world. It boasts over 25,000 members who share business ideas on a daily basis to help each other with carpet cleaning marketing.

  • Rich Cleaner is a popular podcast cohosted by Joe Polish, a former owner of a successful carpet cleaning company, and marketing consultant Timothy Paulson. Together, Joe and Timothy offer marketing ideas for carpet cleaners to help you grow your business.

  • Six-Figure Carpet Cleaning is a must-read book by John Braun, who has over 20 years of experience marketing and scaling cleaning companies. It outlines popular strategies for setting up your business operations and offers tips & tricks for selling cleaning services and increasing revenue.


Final Advice? Be Known for Something


Get the Reputation You Deserve With More Online Reviews


The most important thing you can do for your carpet cleaning business is to show your customers that you are worthy of their hard-earned money.


Build a brand that shows how your carpet cleaners go above and beyond. Then your best customers will turn into fans of your business and will want to tell all their friends about how much they love the service you provided.


The best carpet cleaning marketing ideas are the ones that make your customers want to leave you 11-star reviews instead of 5-star reviews.