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We'll give your friend 50% off for three months

Tell your friends about NiceJob. We'll give them 50% off their first three months.

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Click the "refer a friend" button and let us know who you're referring. We'll give them a shout and schedule a NiceJob demo with them.

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As a thank you, we'll reward you with the equivalent of your friend's first month's fee with us. The more review marketing services they benefit from, the more cash goes into your pocket.

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  • "Refer a friend small" print

    NiceJob Referral Program

    NiceJob Inc. (“NiceJob”) will provide a referral payment for each referral made by an existing NiceJob customer (“Referring Customer”) that satisfies the conditions of this NiceJob Referral Program (the “Program”).

    To be entitled to a referral payment, the Referring Customer must refer a business via < refer-a-friend=""> and the business they refer must subsequently enroll with NiceJob for a period of at least 90 days on a paid plan. </>

    Only one Referring Customer shall be identified for each referred customer. NiceJob retains the right to validate the existence of the referral based upon communications with the Referring Customer and the business referred, and NiceJob’s decision as to whether a valid referral has been made shall be final.

    Referral payments shall be made to the Referring Customer in the amount of the equivalent of the referred customer's pre-discount fee for the first month of their paid plan.

    NiceJob retains the right to validate payment and plan type for the Referring Customer. Referral payments shall be subject to tax reporting and any withholding as determined in its sole discretion by NiceJob. NiceJob reserves the right to discontinue the NiceJob Referral Program or to change these terms and conditions at any time with or without notice.

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