The Best Appliance Repair Marketing Ideas to Win More Sales

Learn the Five Best Appliance Repair Strategies to Grow Your Local Business


If you own an appliance repair company, you’ve probably seen a lot of change over the past few years from growing economic demands and rapid digitalization.


With more appliance types & upgrades regularly entering the market and increased strains on machines, there’s never been a better time to be in appliance repair.


But booms in potential business come with increased competition and a need to differentiate yourself from other companies.


And gone are the days of door hangers and ads in phone books. Savvy customers research for scarce parts online and look on their phones to find an expert fixer in minutes.


Why Appliance Repair Marketing?


Appliance repair marketing is necessary because if you can’t keep up with competitors, new technologies, supply needs and customer demands, your business is going to suffer.


Establishing yourself as the go-to for appliance repair in your city is vital. You have to be discoverable online quickly and book more jobs with your reputation.


It’s why digital marketing for local business is important: you need to always attract new customers and stay ahead of other local service providers trying to get their piece of the pie.


Amid a changing industry landscape and more competition, you must have a strong plan in place for appliance repair marketing.


So we’ve created this guide with the five best appliance repair marketing ideas to grow your business, acquire more customers and dominate your local market.


5 Strategies for Appliance Repair Marketing to Scale Your Business


These five marketing ideas for your appliance repair business will help you own the neighborhood, get your business found online by more people and win more sales.


  1. Update Your Appliance Repair Website
  2. Focus on Customer Behavior and Reviews
  3. Know Your Competition
  4. Check Out Google Local Services Ads
  5. Optimize Your Google Business Profile

1. Update Your Appliance Repair Website 


A high-quality website is essential for appliance repair marketing. Did you know that 46% of all Google searches are for local businesses?


Anda strong website for local business is important for credibility and improving rankings on search engines.


A fresh website will convert more visitors into jobs, so it’s important to know how to build a lead-generation website to increase sales.


Your site should include business details like your service area, business hours, contact information and the types of products & services you offer.


For example, tell stories about what appliances you fix, the repair parts you have access to plus your knowledge of them and how satisfied your past customers are of this expertise.


Many effective websites for appliance repair businesses also enable visitors to contact them directly for quotes or appointments.


To take it a step further, incorporate good SEO practices on each page, such as including relevant keywords and making the website accessible across various devices.


The more SEO-friendly your site is, the higher it will rank on search engine results pages (SERPs) and the more people looking for a repair company near them it will attract. 



2. Focus on Your Customer Behavior and Reviews


On the surface, customer research sounds simple. Anyone with a broken fridge in your city is in your target audience, right? But knowing these basic details isn’t a competitive edge.


With appliance repair, both proactive market research and proactive audience targeting aren’t very profitable. After all, leads will only reach out when they need you, right?


Appliance repair marketing should focus on understanding customer behavior to become discoverable when leads start looking for repair services and to improve customer service.


For example, knowing how customers use your website, how many contact you, what content they find compelling etc., enables you to optimize your messaging and website structure.


Google Analytics for small business is a helpful tool to analyze website data for trends among your audience and to understand their interests.


By improving your website using this data, you can attract more visitors, compel them more with your website messaging, increase the time they stay on your site and improve conversion rates.


Understanding your customers also allows you to provide better customer service which in turn improves your reputation to give you more ammunition over your local competitors.


Focusing on your customers and providing excellent customer service provides many benefits:


  • It helps retain customers and encourages them to refer your business to others.
  • Customer feedback tells you what areas to improve and helps reduce costs.
  • You can personalize your solutions which can give you a competitive edge (more on this later).
  • You can get more customer reviews and leverage them to boost your appliance repair business.


One reason why reviews are important is because reviews influence 90% of potential customers more than any sales pitch on your website. They really make or break your business reputation.


You can analyze data from customer reviews to improve your customer service and in turn get more reviews. It’s a perfect cyclone of appliance repair marketing!


You can also leverage social proof reviews by featuring feedback and testimonials on your website, social media, in advertisements and more.


With a good reputation, reviews increase your revenue and improve SEO results, conversion rates, your relationship with customers and customer volume. Talk about free advertising!


3. Know Your Competition


You need to understand how competing appliance repair businesses operate in order to show your potential customers that your business is the better choice.


This includes analyzing their advertising, pricing structure, customer reviews, etc.


Knowing this information can help you evaluate your own strategies and develop unique value propositions that inform people what you bring to the table that your competition doesn’t.


For example, your appliance repair company may be the only one in the neighborhood that provides door-to-door services, streamlined part orders or free pick-ups for specialized repairs.


Leverage your knowledge of customer preferences to personalize your solutions and offer services that your competition doesn’t.


Consider special protocols for engaging customers in their homes, expanding your expertise into specialized machines, or guarantees around availability, satisfaction or turnaround times.


4. Check Out Google Local Services Ads


Local Services Ads is a pay-per-lead advertising platform that you can include in a strategy for appliance repair marketing.


They are designed exclusively for local service companies. And guess what? Appliance repair businesses qualify for these types of advertisements!


Why do we think you’ll love Google Local Services ads?


A pay-per-lead platform means you only spend money when you receive a lead.


Typical digital ads charge businesses when users click on an ad, even if they’re not a good lead, let alone if they become a customer or not.


But with Local Services ads, you only pay when you receive the contact details of a person specifically looking for appliance repair. Not bad, don’t you think?


Google even qualifies people before charging you by verifying they’re located near you and are indeed seeking the kinds of appliance services you offer.


How does it work? Whenever users search for appliance repair in your area, Local Services ads display at the top of the page.


Screenshot of Local Services Ads on a search page for appliance repair businesses.
Examples of Local Services ads for appliance repair businesses.



They’ll see your Google Local Services reviews from customers and decide based on your reviews if they want to reach out to you.


If they click on your ad, they’ll submit their contact info and will clarify what type of appliance repair they need. If it’s a match, you get the lead—it’s that simple!


This promotes your reputation and gives customers peace of mind. In short, Google Local Services are great for appliance repair marketing!


5. Optimize Your Google Business Profile


In addition to reviews, testimonials and ads, Google Search is a great way to dominate the appliance repair market.


DId you know that 91.4% of the world’s searches are made on Google? Making sure you can be found online is an important part of appliance repair marketing.


Since your target audience is located in specific service areas, ranking high in local search results will help you reach the most customers.


When it comes to ranking on Google, you need to have a Google Business Profile (previously Google My Business).


Google Business shows data like contact info, location, business hours, reviews and provides a link to your website. Having a Google Business Profile is essential for appliance repair marketing.


Make sure you carefully set up and optimize your profile for Google Business SEO to ensure your business ranks high on Google Search and Maps.

It can lead to more high-quality leads and higher conversion rates. And the best part? Creating a Google Business Profile is completely free!


Fix Your Appliance Repair Marketing Now So You Can Fix More Appliances in the Long Run


As a small business owner, it’s crucial to make the most of these marketing strategies and consistently build on your capabilities to grow your appliance repair business.


Using the marketing ideas mentioned above will not only get you more customers but also keep you ahead of the competition.


And always stay on top of trends and influencer advice. For instance, listen to the best podcasts for small business owners or attend conferences and events for growing your local business.


From investing in your website to sharing reviews and optimizing Google Business Profile, you’ll be dominating your neighborhood appliance repair market in no time.