Best Podcasts for Small Business Owners and Contractors

The 16 Top Small Business Podcasts for Home-Service Companies and Contractors


Building a business is hard. Maintaining a business is even harder. And scaling a business? Well, that's the hardest.


If you're a first-time entrepreneur, especially if you work in a home-service or contracting profession where formal business training isn't necessarily second nature, getting all the help you can get is vital to improve your marketing efforts, increase sales and finally grow your business.


Podcasts for small business owners are a great way to learn first hand from industry experts about the best tips and tricks you might not even know that you have in your arsenal.


Whether you own or operate a cleaning or landscaping company or an HVAC or plumbing business, you can easily benefit from podcasts geared towards contracting companies since they're convenient sources of knowledge.


Great entrepreneurs are always on the quest for more knowledge. While it would be great for the world to stop so we could read an entire book, attend a full-day seminar or take a semester of classes—for most of us, learning can only happen while on the go. That's where podcasts come in.


But finding that perfect podcast with over 800,000 of them now available? You might need some help.


And that's just what I'm here to do. Below are brief descriptions of the 16 best small business podcasts for entrepreneurs looking to up their marketing game. We'll start off with a master list and then break each one down by category so that way you can find exactly what you're looking for.





The 16 Best Podcasts for Small Business


  1. Ask a House Cleaner
  2. Bet-David Podcast
  3. Built by You
  4. Contractor Cents
  5. The Contractor Fight
  6. Grow My Cleaning Company
  7. The Home Service Expert
  8. HVAC Shop Talk
  9. Journey of a New Entrepreneur
  10. Marketing School
  11. Potty Talk Live
  12. Rich Cleaner
  13. #SocialwithSarah
  14. Steel Toe University (formerly Dirt Monkey University)
  15. The Untrapped Podcast
  16. WCR Nation

Small Business Podcasts for Contractors and Home-Service Professionals


Built by You


Built by You is a new podcast from Jobber, a top software provider for scheduling jobs in the field. Since Jobber already has a strong reputation as a best-of-breed software provider for contracting and service companies, expectations were high when they announced they would be launching a small business success podcast.


So far, they have yet to disappoint, with several great episodes each telling a story of how other business owners "stay focused when entrepreneurship gets real."


The Contractor Fight


Hosted by the consulting company of the same name built by the successful business coach Tom Reber, The Contractor Fight's mission is to "help contractors make more money, build a stronger team and stop being a slave to their business."


This podcast uses some foul language and a whole lot of aggression. If you like your business discussion with an energy drink and a stiff kick in the rear on the side, then look no further!


The Home Service Expert


This podcast is a must-listen for any home-service entrepreneur. The brainchild of Tommy Mello, himself a business owner of the successful chain A1 Garage Door Service, which installs and repairs garage doors across ten states in the Midwest and the Southwest, The Home Service Expert is dedicated to unearthing everything "from the newest marketing tools to the best scaling strategies."


And believe me, Tommy Mello can tell quite a story. One of my favorites is how he generated over $1,000,000 worth of revenue from a dedicated customer-review strategy. On this podcast, Tommy invites special guests to share their insights and experiences in very captivating conversation. Powerful stories are a beautiful thing.


Journey of a New Entrepreneur


Still one of the relatively younger podcasts on the scene, Journey of a New Entrepreneur and its podcast were born out of the experience Bobby Walker went through losing his job only a few short years ago and starting TRT Pressure Washing & Window Cleaning with his son in Florida.


Bobby talks about the emotional side of starting a business, the impact that entrepreneurship has on your personal life and how your personal life affects entrepreneurship. He tends to go beyond the typical line items from business playbooks and instead focuses on the personal connections and the emotional journey of an entrepreneur. He was even kind enough to invite NiceJob's CEO Lars Kristensen on for an episode.


The Untrapped Podcast


Brought to you by Keith Kalfas, one of the biggest influencers and business coaches in the both the worlds of landscaping and window cleaning, The Untrapped Podcast is dedicated to home-service professionals of all stripes to help "untrap" them from "low-wage, dead-end jobs" and towards financial stability in their life through entrepreneurship.


Keith's goal with The Untrapped Podcast is to provide "motivational and inspirational tips about life, small business, health, wealth, finance and relationships"—and over two years later, he's helping to "untrap" more and more people with each passing day.


Small Business Podcasts for Cleaning Companies


Ask a House Cleaner


Ask a House Cleaner is the podcasting arm of Savvy Cleaner, an esteemed consulting company for house-cleaning and maid-service businesses. With Savvy Cleaner's focus on business development and training, Ask a House Cleaner is perfectly scoped to help house-cleaning companies grow their cleaning businesses.


Hosted by Savvy Cleaner's founder Angela Brown, Ask a House Cleaner features hundreds of episodes dedicated to providing actionable tips for real-life situations for house cleaners, from dealing with clients to positioning your brand and everything in between.


Grow My Cleaning Company


Mike Campion, founder of the coaching and consulting business Grow My Cleaning Company, has spent the last 25+ years as "an entrepreneur making big expensive mistakes so you can make smarter, better mistakes." Not a bad pitch, if you ask me.


When I first came across a recent podcast episode titled, “Why Most Marketing Doesn’t Work,” I almost removed Mike Campion’s podcast from this list. However, with his abundance of charm, he effortlessly explains why no one marketing effort can stand alone, easily reminding me why this podcast can be an excellent listen.


Rich Cleaner


The Rich Cleaner podcast is a mainstay resource for small businesses with a bent towards carpet cleaners. Hosted by Joe Polish and Timothy Paulson, two hugely successful entrepreneurs and consultants from over the years, Rich Cleaner aims to help you "discover proven strategies to boost revenue in your cleaning and restoration business."


With several dozen popular episodes under their belts, Joe and Timothy have proven themselves as reputable podcasters for cleaning entrepreneurs looking to take their business to the next level.


WCR Nation


Another easy-listening podcast with an energetic host, WCR Nation focuses on topics specific to window cleaners and pressure washers. The podcast belongs to Window Cleaning Resource, a knowledge base for the cleaning industry now more than a dozen years old but with roots dating back to 1999, so you can feel confident that they know what they're talking about.


Hosted by Josh Cronin (nicknamed "Jersey"), who has been in the industry for over 15 years, WCR Nation is a weekly podcast that wants to teach you "how to start a window-cleaning business, how to run one and other tips & tricks."


Small Business Podcasts for HVAC Companies


Contractor Cents


If you're looking for a great HVAC podcast, look no further than Contractor Cents. With advice that's applicable for contractors in general but designed specifically for HVAC business owners, Contractor Cents covers the full gamut of business advice to help you "discover ideas, tactics, news and information that matters to your contracting business."


Contractor Cents is hosted by Ruth King, a respected business coach and consultant who specializes in helping entrepreneurs focus on growing profitability. If you're like me, then you'll love the soothing audio-book style of her delivery too!


HVAC Shop Talk


The HVAC Shop Talk podcast is arguably one of the most popular and well-known podcasts dedicated exclusively for HVAC technicians. It's hosted by Zack Psioda, who himself owned his own HVAC company for nine years and has worked in the industry for over 25 years.


Since selling his own business, Zack founded the HVAC Shop Talk podcast to use his "HVAC afterlife to entertain and educate viewers and listeners"—and he now also has over 22,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel.


Small Business Podcasts for Plumbers


Potty Talk Live


Don't let the amusing name fool you; Potty Talk Live is serious business. It's probably the best plumbing podcast on the market, and with almost 300 episodes to brag about, it's little wonder why.


The podcast belongs to Million Dollar Plumber, a consulting firm and network "committed to helping plumbing professionals around the world achieve success and realize their dreams" and founded by Richard Behney, who has been involved in and around the plumbing industry for nearly 30 years.


Small Business Podcasts for Landscapers


Steel Toe University (formerly Dirt Monkey University)


A recent rebrand of the hugely popular Dirt Monkey University podcast for landscapers, Steel Toe University looks to repeat its predecessor's success as a top-rated resource for landscaping companies looking to scale their business.


This podcast belongs to the consulting company of the same name managed by Phil Sarros and Kali Taylor, who collectively have over 20 years of experience as landscaping and lawn-care business owners. Together as Steel Toe University, Phil and Kali are devoted to giving landscapers "step-by-step, real-life advice on industry topics including finances, bidding & estimating, balancing your personal life and adding diversity to your business."


Small Business Podcasts About Marketing




A young podcast from Sarah Douglas, the founder-operator of the Texas-based marketing agency and consulting firm Full of Grace Marketing that specializes in social media for small businesses, #SocialwithSarah has had more than an auspicious start as a growing podcast dedicated to providing marketing tips for new businesses.


#SocialwithSarah aims to deliver "honest conversations with business owners to inspire you to innovate, create and take action today" so you can get your marketing operations moving and start taking your business to new heights.


Marketing School


Perhaps one of the most famous podcasts on our list, we would be remiss to neglect Marketing School from Neil Patel and Eric Siu, two of the most well-known marketing consultants on the planet.


Marketing School will quickly give you marketing advice that is informative and immediately actionable! With over 1,400 episodes at the time of this writing, there is a wealth of expertise available. Neil and Eric also take topic suggestions, which surely means they will talk about reputation marketing soon enough...right? ;)


Bet-David Podcast


Influential entrepreneur, public speaker and famous YouTuber Patrick Bet-David discusses topical issues as they relate to life & business and regularly interviews business executives & entrepreneurs to pick their brains about how they became the best at what they do.


Marketing advice for budding business owners is abundant in this podcast that consists of hundreds of digestible episodes. And don't hesitate to check out our Patrick Bet-David interview for even more tips on what it takes to succeed.


I still have a more room on my playlist. Let me know of any podcasts you enjoy so I can give them a listen and add them to this list!