The 8 Best Pest Control Software Tools for Your Small Business

Learn What Pest Control Software for Small Business Is Right for You


Every modern business, big or small, should be aware of the power of automation. And pest control companies are no different.


The most successful pest control businesses use software to automate processes and increase efficiency.


When you’re a small business owner responsible for managing a local pest control company, you have to focus your time on business operations and staff management.


That leaves you little flexibility to think about ways to book more jobs and grow your business, like getting customer reviews and ranking well on contractor referral websites.


We believe that pest control business software helps bridge this gap in resources and scales your pest control company by automating processes to save you time and win you more sales.


Pest control software enhances worker productivity, improves customer service and, simply put, delivers you more homeowners with infestations for more revenue in your company’s pocket.


So, let’s get right to it. What types of software for pest control companies should you consider? Here are the eight best pest control softwares to help take your local company to new heights!


What Is Pest Control Software?


Before we dive in, let’s clarify what we mean by pest control software so you can best understand the differences between each type of tool based on their functionality and scope.


Software for small business pest control is a specific type of software designed for pest control companies and local contractors.


Pest control software can help your small business with general tasks such as raising invoices, billing, quoting prices, sending estimates and managing your employees.


There are multiple types of pest control softwares, from scheduling software and dispatch software to bidding software and pest control management software.


Some tools perform multiple tasks and can do more than one thing (e.g., a pest control software for bidding should also generate estimates that you can send to prospective customers).


Others offer industry-specific abilities like tracking pesticide use or even pest activity itself. Pest exterminators then collect and analyze data to recommend appropriate solutions to customers. 


One thing they all have in common, however, is their functionality to automate processes to save you time.


Many pest control companies use software to automate their work and track operations. They enable small pest control businesses to unify systems and monitor daily activities.


Let’s look at eight options for pest control software to help grow your business.


Top 8 Pest Control Business Software


There are a few pest control softwares available in the market that can provide your small business with the above-mentioned benefits and much more.


These are the best pest control softwares for small business to help you increase sales, manage resources and provide better customer service, listed alphabetically.



  1. CompanyCam
  2. Housecall Pro
  3. Jobber
  4. ResponsiBid
  5. Service Autopilot by xplor
  6. ServiceTitan
  7. ServSuite by ServicePro
  8. Workiz



CompanyCam is a pest control service software that allows you to fully manage all aspects of your company’s jobs so your employees can communicate better and optimize their productivity.


Primarily a photo app with additional features for annotating, sharing notes, keeping track of customer information and more, CompanyCam offers solutions to all members of the business.


CompanyCam Features and Benefits


  • Helps owner-operators of local pest control companies gain clarity into what’s happening in the daily life of their business
  • Stay on top of the progress at multiple job sites and infested homes simultaneously
  • Capture nitty-gritty details of jobs to better bid on future pest control opportunities
  • Workers can capture, upload, annotate and share photos and info of pest infestations
  • Share photos and data with customers and insurance providers to save time
  • Multiple integrations with complementary software products

Housecall Pro


Housecall Pro is an easy-to-use pest control management software trusted by over 500 pest control companies.


It is an all-in-one program that will allow you to simplify your business processes and streamline your day-to-day operations for scheduling, invoicing, job management and more.


Housecall Pro Features and Benefits


  • Helps improve your customer service
  • Enables you to boost your sales by optimizing efficiency and productivity with online booking, notifications to customers and simplified billing
  • Takes care of tasks like estimates, invoicing and scheduling
  • Helps facilitate better communication amongst your team
  • Easily create new jobs and dispatch service technicians right away
  • Manage employees with GPS tracking and manage their time and other job details



Jobber is one of the best pest control softwares for small businesses that will automate most of your admin work and focus on the core aspects of what you need out of business software.


Streamline and automate daily operations with features to help your pest control business grow. Jobber also has a mobile app for your employees to stay connected while they are on the go.


Jobber Features and Benefits


  • Assists with job forms and checklists
  • Allows you to schedule your team and track appointments
  • Keep track of customer, invoice and payment history
  • Helps you monitor the data related to each job including which chemicals were used and when
  • Send quotes and invoices on the spot
  • Improve customer service with features for sending notifications and updates



ResponsiBid is a software for pest control companies that simplifies the sales process by automating how leads receive pitches. It’s a great way to build a lead-generation website.


ResponsiBid is a website tool that collects info about potential customers and their pest situation so you can offer instant and customized quotes to book more jobs.


ResponsiBid Features and Benefits


  • Improve your sales process by setting up a streamlined system on your website and close more jobs by giving leads info they want right away
  • Helps increase your prices by letting customers choose from clear service packages
  • Connects with other softwares to make your sales process more effective
  • Append unique and customizable video pitches to instant quotes for better close-rates
  • Automatically follows up with leads after they receive a quote and don’t book right away
  • Allow pest-control technicians to gather price estimates on the spot for customers

Service Autopilot by xplor


Service Autopilot by xplor is a popular pest control software because of its diverse functionality and simplicity to help small pest control businesses get more sales.


It is an all-in-one pest control software program to help your small business run on “autopilot.” It will do the heavy lifting of your job while you focus on getting the important decisions right.


Service Autopilot Features and Benefits


  • Offers built-in marketing tools to create data-driven marketing campaigns that can help increase sales
  • Save time by automatically optimizing employee routes through its Smart Maps feature
  • Enables you to schedule routine operations and automate them
  • Two-way accounting-software integrations
  • Chemical tracking for inventory management
  • Free customer support without needing to upgrade to priority service



ServiceTitan’s pest control software is a great solution to grow your small business. It’s a complete software for pest control companies to manage and improve all parts of your business.


ServiceTitan has operational and fiscal reporting tools to manage the money side of your pest control business while still offering industry-standard features like dispatching and scheduling.


ServiceTitan Features and Benefits


  • Enables you to boost productivity with team-performance tracking
  • Helps streamline every part of the team’s job cycle and increase efficiency
  • Increases profits with financing and marketing features
  • Has a user-friendly dashboard for reporting and staying on top of numbers to help your pest control company scale 
  • Integrations with accounting softwares
  • Chat with and automatically invoice customers

ServSuite by ServicePro


ServSuite is a pest control scheduling software and management software that offers businesses various features to assist with marketing and operations.


From scheduling employees and overseeing route management for dispatching exterminators to marketing features and managing equipment & pesticide inventory, ServSuite is a great option.


ServSuite Features and Benefits


  • Logistics and operations management
  • Provides powerful sales and marketing modules that help pest control businesses elevate customer satisfaction
  • Acts as a pest control scheduling software that helps businesses manage time efficiently
  • Offers unlimited support
  • It is a mobile-friendly pest control business software
  • Includes GPS tracking of your technicians’ vehicles


Workiz is a pest control management software for small businesses that helps you stay organized, manage customers, get sales and oversee pest control jobs.


It’s designed with simplicity in mind for local companies while balancing out power and functionality. An all-around tool for small companies, it will make your life much easier.


Workiz Features and Benefits


  • Makes scheduling easy and hassle-free
  • Helps you manage all your pest control jobs, invoices and estimates
  • Creates a connected team that is always in contact with you and your office
  • It is mobile friendly and allows you to easily keep tabs on and interact with employees, customers and leads
  • Use a drag-and-drop scheduler to organize your pest control jobs and your workers
  • Job data organized and linked with sales info to improve revenue and customer service

Grow Your Business With the Right Pest Control Software for Your Needs


In this article, we overviewed the top pest control softwares on the market to help you grow your small business.


From scheduling and management to all-in-one or sales-enablement tools, using these pest control softwares can help you streamline your daily operations and focus on your strengths.


Regardless of the size of your business, we believe that your company and your employees will benefit significantly from using pest control software.


Now, it’s time for your small business to take advantage of the features offered by pest control software!


But whether you’re investing in software or learning growth tips by studying small business podcasts or pest control marketing ideas, becoming the top local pest exterminator isn’t easy.


If you want your local pest control sales to hit new heights, every little bit helps. With reputation marketing, you can get more customer reviews and watch your revenue skyrocket!