The Secret to Sustainable Growth and Maintaining Profitability

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In this episode

Today's podcast is about understanding the numbers behind sustainable business growth.


We're talking with Bryan Kaplan, founder of Construction Consulting, who is passionate about helping businesses grow and maintain profitability.


We'll discuss how to sustain growth by listening to your customers and using analytics to understand what's working in your business.


He'll be sharing his insights on sustaining growth, understanding the numbers behind sustainable business growth, and how to maintain profitability as your company grows.

Questions answered

  1. How the approach to sustainable business growth can change over time.
  2. What is business profitability? What’s the definition?
  3. What’s the importance of having a growth mindset at the beginning of your business.
  4. Why do you want to grow your business? What’s the drivers?
  5. How to understand the core of your business.
  6. How to protect your business with an escalation clause.

“If you don't have your finger on the pulse of your finances, in other words, you can't tell me what your gross profit is right now, what your company expenses are to your overall income, and what your net profit is in your brand, then you're not ready for growth.”

Key takeaways

The difference between profit and profitability.

Ensuring you don’t integrate yourself in the wrong part of your business.

Today's guest

Bryan Kaplan is the founder of Construction Consulting, a construction consulting firm that helps remodelers and custom home builders build profitable and efficient businesses.


He's also been a mentorship coach on sales and marketing with various companies.


As founder and CEO of Construction Consulting, Bryan works directly with clients to help them build their businesses by developing growth plans, implementing strategies that increase sales, and streamlining processes so they can spend more time doing what they love: building great homes!




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