How to Learn to Survive and Thrive as a Small Business Owner

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Scott Baermann is a small business owner who has learned to thrive and survive due to the Small Business Pandemic. He's here today to share his insights on how you can do the same!


The Small Business Pandemic is a global epidemic that has affected over one million businesses worldwide. It's caused by the lack of knowledge surrounding small business ownership, which has led to widespread failure and high turnover among new businesses.


To learn more about this pandemic, we'll be speaking with Scott, who will tell us how he's survived in the midst of it all.


Questions answered

  1. The struggle to stay connected with other people while still striving to be a successful small business owner during a time when so many small businesses are failing.
  2. If he's been able to thrive in survival mode, and what he's learned during the small business pandemic.
  3. What Scott thinks went even better than he expected during the small business pandemic.
  4. The strength of business owners in the face of adversity.
  5. How did Scott manage to stay positive during the whole small business pandemic?
  6. Why has it been so hard to find people willing to be trained?
  7. Getting back to a point where you must make it work for you and your business.
  8. Scott's answer to the question: "Which are you looking to embrace more, challenges or opportunities?"


“But I think as business owners, we have to make sure that we're caring for our employees and understanding that they could go somewhere else, or they could stay home. Yeah, we can't take them for granted.”

Key takeaways

  • The evolution of society, both the good and the bad, is integral to moving forward as a society.
  • Communication is often overlooked, but it is the most important thing in every element of your business' success.
  • You must understand who you're hiring and how to attract good talent. Providing an ecosystem for someone to thrive in is still the best way to attract talent.


Today's guest

Scott is a small business owner and the founder of VitVox, a brand consulting and business consulting company. He loves to help others through small business ownership, and he's excited to share his experiences with you.


As a small business ower, Scott Baermann was hit impacted greatly by the pandemic. He learned how to thrive while in survival mode and wants to help you do the same.